Thursday, May 3, 2012

the day before

the naughtiness (when Ollie stayed out all night) they were developing their emotional capacities in order to reach their heavenly heights...I am going to refrain from describing the photos because they are self evident

except here where I like to highlight Ollie's stretched out leg that is so cute,
and here where I like to highlight Ollie's precious look examining a bit of his fur that had got caught on the wall when he was scaling it,
and here, where Mr Sweet Pants could not be more adorable trying to take a peek on the other side,

and here where he is saying that the noise was only his playful brother up there
so he can turn around
and watch his own bird!

It occurred to me that cats would make great employees in their anxiousness to go to work; however, we would have to put up with their independence and originality.

We reflected upon this passage from various corners of the courtyard:

"Sense-perception gives rise to desire, desire to will, will to action, and action again to sense-perception. This chain ever repeats itself, and so the powers of thought, memory, reason, and the emotional capacities are evolved in spirit. These power and capacities of spirit, expressed in individual human beings, constitute human characters.

Through these successive evolutionary steps, spirit develops characters having Divine attributes. The positive, creative aspect of God is reflect in them. Individuality is derived from expression in individual form. Self-consciousness accompanies individualised character, and the being thus endowed has the potentiality of rising to the knowledge of God."  Compilation,Abdul Baha

Wishing you all an outstanding Thursday.  Cat boys sent kisses and best wishes!

Ciao everyone!


  1. "....self-consciousness accompanies individualised character, and the being thus endowed has the potentiality of rising to the knowledge of God."

    i love this.
    i'm going to go jump a wall like the furry boys....and hope for greater heights....

  2. that is exactly what I'd like to do now...xx

  3. gosh, those boys of yours have no shame, staying ut all night, having everyone worried, only to come home and strech on the bed as if nothing happened. And both of them, I wonder what they could've found so interesting? ... the curiosity of cats, huh - cats stretching, whatever the reason, is too adorable to ignore :D

  4. Hello dear Mona... I've been up to my ears in custom orders this last month and barely around to say hello... so I wanted to pop in and say hello! Hope you and the boys are well!

  5. Nancy- only other cat mothers understand...and they are both out today...wishing you a happy weekend xx

    Dear Sam- I am happy to hear that...the world is very busy here too and we feel so loved that you stopped by..hope the weekend is splendid xx

  6. Gosh, I´ve missed commenting.
    Your boys are doing what I wish I could do- parkour-ing with such perfect flow!

    I know, it´s not nice to hide outside all night, did you get to sleep at all?

    Anyways, seeing your cat dudes is always so much fun, heh, Ollie going upwards.
    Air kisses your way ***
    No wonder, the boys are relaxing the day after ; ).

  7. Mette-I wish I could send them to you to help in the stables...they are so anxious to work...xx

  8. There really would be work for your boys over here - like catching the mice--ugh ; )!

  9. Hope your weekend was wonderful!
    You get the best action shots!

    Love to you all!

  10. Andrea- weekend are so short...and adventurous : ) xx

  11. They make great employees as long as they can have a cat nap every, say, half hour or so. :)

    What is it about cats and heights? I guess it makes them feel superior. :)