Friday, November 30, 2012

It was several days before today...

when the sun was shining bountifully.
Today is unsunny and it is raining bountifully.  It was relatively wet the day before and probably so tomorrow too.

I was reading about Einstein's cat who would become melancholic when it rained several days in a row.  I try to stimulate the cat boys both mentally and physically in order to make sure that they don't suffer from depression.

This morning they ran out in the rain like brave little rain cats and galloped around.  Then they came home wet and dirty, mud all over their little paws. They were very proud to be the only rain cats in the neighborhood.

A few days earlier MrSweetPants decided to test his brother MrPuffyPants, to see how prepared he was for the unexpected.  He sneaked into the neighbor's patio yard and peeked through the drain hole, first from afar

and then closer.

MrPuffyPants was walking in his own world, unmindful

when he felt Augustus' gaze on his paws through the hole.   He stopped

and looked

and reached in.
MrPuffyPants passed the test.
I was reminded of this quote by Louis Pasteur, which I did not share with them because there was no need to.

"Where observation is concerned, chance favors only the prepared mind."

Little cat boys then went about their business and blew kisses your way while walking away.

They make a lovely pair of scientists in our opinion.

Wishing all a delightful weekend! Ciao everyone!


  1. :D

    Hope your efforts keep the boys off prozac! ;P

    xo to you all Mona.

  2. Dee-I am supplying them with a bit of catnip and spending a lot of time with the fake bird attached to the string ... I even got them a video tape xoxo

  3. What a darling picture of him peering into the drain opening. You always think of new and creative ways to photograph your cats!

  4. oh, my.
    i love these photos!

    yes, catnip: feline prozac.


  5. Laughing!! First the look on sweet pants face, peering in!
    Then puffy pants reaching in with his paw! You really do capture the pure awesomeness of those boys! Love love love it!!!
    And a delightful weekend to you guys, too. x

  6. So glad to see the cat boys are up to their usual antics! Warm hugs to you all!

  7. Sanda- I try and it is not easy but once in a while I manage...thank you for your visit xx


    marie- I knew you would ..they make me laugh xxx

    prairiegirl- WIshing you a beautiful week ... great to see you xoxo

    ShannonAnn- sending you love

    Marilia- : )

  8. What's this about Augustus needing to assert his brilliance upon the unsuspecting? He always looks so congenial. :) Those peekaboo shots are amazing.

    My cats are much more wont to sleep during rainy days. My indoor/outdoor cat (the rest are indoor only) doesn't like to be out there when his handsome fur might get wet. :) We get lots of rain this time of year but I hear California is getting hammered. At least it will keep everything green.

    Love the quote. Have a great week.

  9. We LOVE your photos! MrPuffyPants sure, puffy! Would love to snuggle with him! Purrs...from your admirers at

  10. Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments, Mona. Hope you have a great week! xo

  11. First now, I saw this post!
    Lovely to see the face of Augustus so unexpectedly.
    You really have patience taking these pictures, but then - you are a scientist ; ).

  12. Grace- Augustus is an enigma! : ) You are so lucky to have cats that don't like rain. Please have your cats send a message to our cats. I need rest. Sending you love xx

    Cole- thank you for visiting, your artist cat is so talented...we will be visiting shortly

    anne- great to see you xx

    Mette-thank you for visiting...I do examine their moves closely but still don't have all the pictures that I want : ) xx