Friday, December 3, 2010

I really could use enhanced perception...

A certain tree outdoors looked like this and I found it so pleasing that I had to have it captured for the blog and the cat boys' viewing; however, the real show was indoors.

When I saw Augustus sitting on the bed with this look in his eyes...well, I knew something was up with these boys!

Ollie was modeling his Christmas scarf,

and asking August what he thought of it...was it slimming, did it bring out the hazel in his eyes?

August approved of the look

but suggested that Ollie wear the scarf more around his neck, like this:

This was new to me and I went down to think what was up. I thought it was best to play cool and let them have their fun. Upon returning upstairs I witnessed this:

(actually this is not them but that is what they were doing)

Really, all I could do was to leave them with this reading, which they accepted to study jovially.

"Know thou, verily, insight (or mental perception) seeth that which sight (or physical perception) seeth not and apprehendeth that which the body perceiveth not, inasmuch as the sight seeth the mirage as water, the images pictured in the mirror as a reality and genuine, and it seeth the earth as stationary, the great stars as small. But the insight correcteth the mistake of the sight and apprehendeth the reality and seeth that the mirage is not water, that the images pictured in mirrors are naught else save mere reflections, that the earth is moving and the distant stars are great. Consequently, the truth of insight, its effectiveness and power is proven, as well as the weakness of sight, its inefficiency and defects." Selections AB

As I was heading downstairs and back to work I heard smooching sounds, I knew the catboys were filling their paws with little kisses and blowing them in the air to wish you a lovely Friday and weekend!

Ciao everyone!


  1. First the treeee!! WOW!

    You and those silly cats and the picture with the bath towel. I'm full of smiles.

    happy weekend! xo

  2. Beautiful tree, and your cats are too adorable. The scarf is fetching on them :).

    No pit bull for me, but they are so sweet. The inspiration for my poem was an overheard conversation.

  3. Have a great weekend Ro! xoxo

    Hannah- great poem as usual...I am usually entertained with overheard conversations, better than watching TV, have a great weekend!

  4. I do think the scarf brings out the hazel in Ollie's eyes. So cute.

    We managed to trap our feral boy, Gray Kitty, and will attempt to convert him to being an indoor cat. It was going well the first day, but last night he yowled all night.

    Now both boys, Brownie and Gray, are sleeping peacefully and wish sweet dreams for Ollie and Augustus.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. o those silly boys.
    i agree with augustus: that's how i wear my scarves, wound tightly for warmth and effect.

    that tree: simply amazing.

    that reading: always what i need when i read it and sit back to soak in the words and meaning.


  6. Oh Susan...we wish you luck with the feral...Augustus and Ollie send you special separate kisses! xoxo

    marie, I think Augustus is practical and Ollie is full of drama...he wants to play in the theatre...we are so glad you enjoy the readings, we do too..makes us think...we wish you the loveliest weekend xoxo

  7. Hahaha!
    I love this...Thanks for the thought provoking excerpt and the laugh!

  8. Andrea...I laugh myself every single time----I am one of those people who laughs at her own jokes...wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxo

  9. That massage picture is HILARIOUS!! The tree is so beautiful. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.xoxo

  10. Love that photo of the cat on the massage table - too funny! Have a lovely weekend. xo

  11. i love the red scarf!!!

    I wanted to let you know you won the giveaway on my blog! yey!!!

    please send your address to flowersofthesun at gmail dot com