Friday, August 24, 2012

As the sun rises...

in our neighborhood, and if you are passing by you just might see this sight, and you just might think to yourselves who were those furry princes ushering in the morning rays of sun so regally,
so sweetly,
so meditatively
and so adorably?

Well, they'd be Mr Sweet Pants (Augustus) and Mr Puffy Pants (Ollie) who would be wanting to send you their best wishes and heavenly kisses.

And whensoever thou dost gaze upon creation all entire, and dost observe the very atoms thereof, thou wilt note that the rays of the Sun of Truth are shed upon all things and shining within them, and telling of that Day-Star's splendours, Its mysteries, and the spreading of Its lights. (Selections AbdulBaha)

Ciao everyone!  Enjoy your weekends!


  1. I'm going to keep this with me today, and contemplate, soaking in the rays of wisdom you sent today. I do wonder what those boy bookends are thinking. It looks to me like they're lost in wonderland. Why not? It is the weekend afterall.

  2. Aw, how cute. Hoping you and the CB's have a pleasant weekend! xo

  3. Thank you for your Purrrrr-Fect little visit, and thank you for the sweet comment on the iron bed with the union Jack pillow :)

    I love, love, love your little guys names, and I am sure they do to.

    Keep letting them inspire you!
    A beautiful weekend to you.

    Whisker Kisses.

  4. Ollie and Augustus get to be a lot " loose "/ on their own outside, though under your careful eye.
    So, I gather, that there is no danger of cars or other beasts- like dogs ; )?
    Kisses your way!

  5. Do those furry princes know what lucky boys they are? Beautiful cats!

  6. Very regal brothers :)
    Enjoy your week Mona!

  7. Thank you dear friends for your lovely visit....xxxx

  8. Who are those furry princes? Ollie and Agustus, of course, handsome as ever.

  9. perfect reading.
    purrfect companions.