Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cat forms adopted the posture of semi focused attentiveness

in order to reflect upon the reading below:

(Ollie was a bit distracted first and so was Augustus...
then Ollie focused and Augustus only gave me his ears,
then Augustus gave me his full attention and Ollie became defocused.
I took whatever was given me...

"..Although the reality of Divinity is sanctified and boundless, the aims and needs of the creatures are restricted.  God's grace is like the rain that cometh down from heaven: the water is not bounded by the limitations of form, yet on whatever place it poureth down, it taketh on limitations-dimensions, appearance, shape- according to the characteristics of that place.  In a square pool, the water, previously unconfined, becometh a square; in a six-sided pool it becometh a hexagon, in an eight-sided pool, an octagon, and so forth. The rain itself has no geometry, no limits, no form, but it taketh on one form or another, according to the restrictions of its vessel.  In the same way, the Holy Essence of the Lord God is boundless, immeasurable, but His graces and splendors become finite in the creatures, because of their limitations, wherefore the prayers of given persons will receive favorable answers in certain cases."  (Abdul Baha- Persian Spiritual Leader)

I asked the cat boys what form they'd be, and they pointed to themselves, how they stood together back to back, bookend style,  to create for me a valentine.  They were in the form of love.  Amazed at their natural genius I grabbed each and forced a few kisses on their faces.

Cat boys sent you love and kisses...Ciao Everyone!


  1. Hola Mona

    I had to smile at the posture of the two cat boys. I think they were playing with you.
    I love this reading and my wish for you is:
    that prayers of given persons, all your readers, will receive favorable answers. Amen


  2. Dear Helen- What a lovely wish...and the cat boys were playing with me. They are two big furry handfuls, I tell you. xx

  3. Semi-focused attentiveness... I think that is about as much as we can ask for from our feline friends, isn't it? At least they're handsome in the poses. Hugs to the boys.

  4. Adored the photos; particularly first one-lovely quotation, just in general enchanting! Thanks

  5. I love that quote! Serious food for thought. The cat boys are as always a gorgeous sight to behold.

    much love to you and yours,


  6. Heart shaped kitties!! They formed themselves into that, just for you, their mama Mona. They deserve more kisses. And what lovely and thoughtful quote.

  7. "...he gave me his ears" lol! What a lovely lovely pose, such thoughtful friends you have :)

  8. Love to you and the CB's as well!
    Happy Labor Day weekend! xo

  9. Your CBs' attentiveness to higher wisdom is an amazing thing. How fortunate you are to have such beautiful creatures. Amazing how they enrich our lives. Have a good week.