Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Those glances...

One of the most delightful parts of having feline playmates is the multiplicity of modes of communication. You might remember that we sometimes sit around in a circle to talk but we have our backs to each other yet our ears are pointed in the right direction. That happens to be a most favorite of mine.  It throws off us humans but not the cats.

The other is where we are directed towards each other but we link visually, we ask many questions from each other and answer them with more glances, perhaps a nod.  If the situation necessitates it one of us might give a little meows or get up and sit in a different direction.

So we sat that afternoon toward the back courtyard, heat still hanging in the air but the cement was wet and light was everywhere.

My glances bounced around, the hose, the water,
Mr Sweet Pants with his little lips,
the palm leaves reaching above
and reflected below.
Mr Puffy Pants was the experimentalist, he wanted to touch the palm
and then to taste the palm.  Slurp slurp with his little tongue.
He is very proud and so are we.

I recalled only briefly something I had read and shared it with the dudes:

Upon that glance which Jesus cast upon Peter as he went to the Cross probably hung the destinies of Christianity. Had it not been one of forgiveness and love Peter would not have gone out and "wept bitterly." Neither, in all probability, would he have died a martyr to the Cause of Him whom he denied in that moment of angry fear. Is it too much to go one step further and assert that the destinies of the world hung upon that moment of time when the eyes of Peter and His Master met and he read therein not what his soul knew he deserved but what God's mercy conferred as a bounty on His part.  

Portals to Freedom, Howard Colby Ives

Cat boys glanced at me and tried to influence my future.  I grabbed their little faces and kisses them.

Happy Tuesday everyone...ciao!


  1. That is a beautiful post. I love how you're able to tie your interaction with your wonderful companions to larger philosophical questions and issues. Mr. Puffy Pants is quite the show off! Have a good rest-of-the-week!

  2. whimsy, concrete writing personnified

  3. wow. great reading.

    love ollie reaching out to the palm, trying to slurp it up.

    and augustus. always watching.


  4. sanda- thank you for being here...it is actually not me tying to philosophical questions, these cats must have little men inside of them : )

    glorious gnat- aww, you are the best in my book

    marie- I love that too...we share so many likes xx

  5. U-hu! Current water is the best thing!!!!

  6. When you shared that thought with mr. Puffy pants, I bet he pawed the palm frond puddle twice, for yes, mama, how true. And Augustus with a smug look saying ... Hmm, lemme get back to you on that one. Here's to a peaceful evening to mr and mrs little jeans and the furry pants.

  7. That is a very moving passage! God's love was infinitely greater than Peter's betrayal. And still is. Beautiful!

    The boys look so contented as they go about their daily meanderings, knowing that their Human is nearby and offering sweet interpretations.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. You are indeed blessed to have a mother who had a vision for mothering despite being denied this by her own mother. I hope my kids can say the same for me. Despite what I missed as a kid, I've always known that my kids are the greatest gift I could ever receive.

    Give the boys my love.

  8. Marilla- I love running water too...it is the best

    Prairie Girl- Ha ha...I have been meaning to do a post where I leave the interpretation to the readers; I see you are well versed in kitty language : )

    Grace- I love that passage for that reason; it is hard to imagine that kind of forgiveness; and yet I see that you have forgiven your parents by treating your children differently...probably the ability to forgive is the greatest virtue of all... xx

  9. Love those boys...
    I love the way cats approach reflections. A lesson to us.

    xo to you all!

  10. Dee- lovely to see you... I agree... xx