Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rhythms of happiness...

It just occurred to me that much of my nature examination occurs when I am on daily walks with doodles, and that is a good thing.  I suppose they think that I need some lessons, and I believe that I do.

For example, there is not much to this branch and yet there is so much to this branch to which are attached an orderly array of very fresh leaves...symmetric, precise, perfect!  I can look at them for a long time without tiring, and frequently I wish that I had microscopic eyes so I could see through them, all the molecules and cells and channels.

Even more beautiful are these pink paws...the related cat boy is very very naughty.  I purposefully wet the cement so he wets his paws and leaves tracks on the dry ground.  I am very amused by this and he is not!

Here we have the delight of our hearts, the precious Sweet Pants who is back home after a three day stay over at the veterinary clinic where

he was kept so they could lance his neck wound, apparently caused in one of his fights for justice.

He was happy to be back in familiar settings as was his little orange brother, and the new squirrels.  We believe that the old squirrels did not find their way back from the convention but soon enough the new squirrels will become as sassy as the old ones.

Later early this morning the cat boys gathered on the patio for noms and reflections and silent meditation. MrSweetPants was trying to put the last few days behind him.

Mr Puffy Pants who does not keep a calendar still noticed the warm loving presence of his brother around.  He munched on his salad and

every so many seconds gazed up to adore his brother.

Familiar things....our rhythms of happiness.

We reflected on this:

"Man in reality is a spiritual being and only when he lives in the spirit is he truly happy."
(Abdul Baha in Paris Talks) 

We momentarily experienced that spiritual state of happiness from the conditions of the contingent world of worries and obstacles.

Cat boys sent kisses and many best wishes for a happy week in August!

Ciao everyone!


  1. that wound looks nasty! Three days at the hospital - did you bring him sweets and stay by his bedside? ... Yikes, I wonder how the other bloke looks ...

  2. Marilia- good to see you

    Nancy- the wound is nasty; since we took him in on the weekend and the clinic is closed we could not visit and take him cookies, he was all alone : ( and he did not appreciate this. He has started to forgive us though. Also, Sweet Pants seems tough but he is the one who is always injured because he is a gentleman cat and does not play dirty. I will tell him that you said hi. : )

  3. I'll be painting and Skye (always Skye) will somehow find a way to step through my palette of paint, proceed along the table, onto the wood floor, leaving turquoise and yellow paw prints in her path. She is amused, I am not! Ha! Easy clean up- I don't use oil paint. Nature is perfect, isn't it? And with familiar, there is joy and security. I really love how you think, Mona.

  4. Prairie Girl- that is funny; once when we were painting our walls we had the same experience, cat paws and cat tails all covered running all over...I would leave the turquoise and yellow pawprints to be, sounds so pretty.
    Nature is perfect, stunning, incredible...thank you for your kind words : )

    marie- I agree, only every now and then I notice that I am happy that way, and then the ordinary re-appears xo

  5. So nice that you view the world not only through a scientist eye, but see the artistic as well. Beautiful! A speedy recovery to mr. Sweet pants. So glad he is back home.

  6. your posts resonalte with inner balance and peace and provide with a much needed comfort, always.

    Keep them coming :-)

  7. Those moments of aching sweetness, clarity and perfection!

  8. Gnat- you were great last night xx

    Sanda- thank you for your kind words, and yes, we are so happy he is home xx

    Anna-thank you...we are always trying for balance..great to see you xx

    ShannonAnn-you said it dear friend....xxx

  9. Your appreciation for beauty is a wonderful gift, Mona. Hope your week is off to a great start. xx

  10. Oh I'm so sorry about Mr. Sweet Pants and his unfortunate run-in. He looks to be recovering nicely now that he's back where he's familiar. :)