Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer afternoons...

One red leaf, afternoon light showing right through it.  The exhaustible summer heat becomes a pleasant memory when the mid day hours are replaced with late afternoons.
The cat boys drop themselves on the cement.

I want to confess that I would do the same if I did not live in a condominium complex...I know I would.

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” ― Henry James 

The days have been busy leaving little time to reflect.  We decided to go along with it for a bit.  Hope your days are not as busy.

Cat boys sent their love and pawfuls of kisses.



  1. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cat. They had the best life. Nobody to bother them. No work to do, just laze around and eat and sleep and maybe watch the birds... In some ways I'm still that kid. :)

  2. Love the Henry James quote; so true cats are such confident creatures. My new cat came into a house with two golden retrievers and she owned them from the beginning. You would have thought she would have been afraid. But no, not at all. They all seem to love each other. Have a blissful summer afternoon!

  3. and, you don't flop yourself down onto the concrete, WHY????
    wait a minute. i'll be right there.
    we'll flop down together.
    let them laugh.
    it's summer.

  4. but how can you resist resting next to these very hairy boys??
    Don't tell but ...I stretch out - early in the morning when no-one's around :p

  5. What a big and fluffy orange tummy!

  6. Grace-I want to be a cat now...I do believe that you are still that kid : )

    Carolina- I feel the same...he is very cuddly

    Sanda- they are confident creatures...too cute your cat...happy summer to you likewise

    marie-I am totally in, come on over and we will drop to the cement looking up at the skies xx

    Nancy- it is very hard leaving them each day...they are adorably beautiful just like yours : )

    Marilla- : )

  7. Go flop down on the warm concrete. Now. Do it. Go! Ahhhhh. The wondrous feeling of summer! Get it while it's hot! Ha!

  8. I hope it's okay to leave a comment here regarding your comment on my blog:

    Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them more than I can say. I've been really leery about launching in to this vulnerable side of me but to know people like you "get it" is extremely encouraging. Thank you! I'll be posting a lot more and I look forward to reading your perspectives. We all have different walks and can learn so much from each other. Have a great day. Give the boys a scratch behind the ears for me. :)

  9. THE ELUSIVE KITTY BELLY! :) I love it.

    What a hectic time it is. Hope things relax for you.

  10. That.orange.tummy! Yum.
    You have shoulder pain? My tear was detected with an MRI. My shoulder, I'm sorry to say, is in constant pain. The hiccup is...it's my right/drawing hand. Surgery would (will) be very disruptive.

  11. Prairie Girl- so very tempting, so VERY tempting

    Grace- thank you for returning to comment and yes, I will be reading your thoughts as you share : )

    Hannah- Kitty belly is very good, therapeutic in fact...thank you for stopping by

    editor-yes,I have shoulder pain, my physical therapist thinks it is related to my calves being too tight, quite strange but a little true---I think I have lifted something too heavy...I hope your cure is rest + stabilization...check out those k-tapes

  12. They look blissfully relaxed!
    Hope your weekend is enjoyable! xo

  13. Hello Mona

    I have not visited you in a while. I have now made sure you are on my favourite blog list, so I shall not miss your posts.

    How are you and I say my friends are slowing right down in the summer hear, stretching and sunning themselves.
    Our dog also love to have the sun shine on her tummy.

    Have a great weekend

    Helen xx

  14. hmmmm, I went first to a physical therapist who couldn't explain my pain, other than saying I had bad posture (not un-true) and then gave me exercises that sort of hurt. I went to an orthopedist next who did a physical exam and based on that, requested the mri, which confirmed (this sounds like a sherlock holmes case) the tear. If it still hurts, you might want to go see an ortho...

  15. Love the pictures, love the quote.
    Our weather this summer has not been warm enough for lying on the cement.
    + I couldn´t. would have Morty all over me, haa!
    Kisses and hugs your way!!!

  16. anne-hope your week is starting beautifully, great to see you always xx

    helen- we love you and are honored that you visit us...it has been busy, hasn't it? xxx

    mette- yes, I know Morty would do that...that would not be too bad? : ) xx

    editor- thank you...yes, a conspiracy...I hope you get well very very soon xx