Monday, August 20, 2012

Cat wrangling is not easy...

we have been discussing this at home, why it is so difficult to wrangle in our cat boys. I have been testing various theories none of which seem to hold water and now I am throwing my hands up in the air finally agreeing that I am not Sigfried and Roy, and perhaps that is a good thing.

While these cat boys are always a bit happy to come into the cooler parlor yet they must always protest a bit just so we would know.

Mr Sweet Pants usually walks around like a jaguar in a cage
while the more resourceful Mr Puffy Pants feigns an emotional fainting that he believes would lead us into letting him out.
We held our ground that night...and then I noted that Mr Sweet Pants' front paws wanted to go out while his hind paws wanted to come in!
I chuckled...
Mr Puffy Pants found the scene adorable too.
That night the humans won.
Last Monday five years ago Augustus Sweet Pants chose to live with us; the photo below is a week after his arrival.  He was a tiny tot in those days with big paws and a little tail.  In those days he would not boss us around.  Today he does.

Still we could not love him more...yup, he is a fussy foofer but he is also Mr Sweet Pants! He talked a lot when he was little and he still does, when he wants something. Last night during entrapment we reflected upon this:

"O SON OF UTTERANCE! Thou art My stronghold; enter therein that thou mayest abide in safety. My love is in thee, know it, that thou mayest find Me near unto thee."
(Hidden Words)

 Cat boys send love and pawfuls!


  1. Hi there Mr. and Mrs. Little Jeans. It's so so nice to finally see your face. Big smiles!

  2. Hi Anna- yes, we came out of the closet ....hee hee

  3. Oh yes, yes! A beautiful face to go with the wittiest of blogs! My Skye girl was teeny like that, and verbal! Goodness, she chats up a storm! And Fluffy pants, the way he's always sprawled, my Sherpa resembles his posture as well! I love how you create stories and scenes with your boys. It's one of my favorite pastimes.

  4. Hello Mona

    Lovely to see your beautiful smiling face and that of your sweetheart too.
    Mr.Sweet Pants won the lottery, IMHO
    and it is no wonder that he constantly chats and re-affirms this.

    A beautiful reading too.

    Helen xx

  5. i love that reading.
    it's what i needed to "hear"....

    and those photos.
    augustus with crossed feet.
    ollie swooning onto his back.



    They are so cute when they are tiny....even cuter as grown-up babies :).

  7. Prairiegirl- your cat names match your lovely to see you xx

    helen- thank you dear friend and I feel that I won the lottery but won't let him know xo

    marie marie- we are connected, I know it xx

    glorious gnat- you spoil us but we love it xx

    Marilla- : ) they make us laugh, I know you know what I am saying

    Hannah- they are is it possible to be so adorable, is it even legal?

  8. Oh so great to " meet " you two at last!
    You have cat eyes!!! And you are so young and beautiful. A total surprise, a nice surprise.
    Augustus looks a lot like you, but Ollie, sweet Ollie, he has won my heart!

  9. those giant paws and beautiful face melt my heart!

  10. Dear Mette- you see beautifully...I smiled when you said Augustus looked like me : )

    Dandy Sandy- you know it...he is too cute for words : )

  11. only five, and such a handsome panther! I wish they'd stay little for longer, though ...;) "feigned emotional fainting"??? lol