Thursday, August 6, 2009

The foofer and the nuzzler...

I am sure you know exactly what I am saying. August is our foofer. He foofs when he does not want to come in the house, and Ollie, is our nuzzler. He likes to nuzzle for some minutes before he gets himself to bed. I am sharing all of this for no particular reason, only because last night there was a lot of both going on, and unrelated to foofing and nuzzling, I decided to post a fuzzy and dark clip of Ollie Bird grooming.  This is very soothing.

In fact it was so soothing that August fell asleep as he was looking from his own room.

And finally, today's selection is from Ollie bird!  Don't know what goes on in his little red furry head but he chose this reading.

One group is in religious convictions devout
Another is full of uncertainty and doubt
Then appeared a messenger from without
"You've both got it wrong; you've both lost out."
Omar Khayyam  

Wishing all a majestic Thursday embellished with cat kisses.  Ciao!