Friday, August 28, 2009

The only fire the cat boys should know...

should be the fire of love!
New fires were burning in La Canada last night and here's what I saw as I was driving to a meeting at 8 p.m.  The clouds of smoke are descending.
Here's another shot of the smoke behind the beautiful palm trees.
Before leaving I told the boys to cover their noses because they insisted on staying out and playing.  Here's baby August listening, 
and here's baby Ollie who quickly went by a fire hydron indicating that he is prepared for any fire.
The evening being stressful for Ollie, I found him like this in the bedroom last night.

This morning the clouds had diffused and descended further into our town.
Ollie came down the street with me to sit in the lawns (ahemm) of the unkept house.  It reminds him of his ancestral fathers in the Savannah while August could not join us because there was another cat in the courtyard that needed scolding and foofing.

Upon returning to the condo I told both cat boys that they were not safe around any physical fires, having all that fur, whiskers, and delicate paw pads.  We then reviewed a passage that we had read earlier on "the fire of love" and this reading gave them endless pleasure.

O My Brother! Until thou enter the Egypt of love, thou shalt never come to the Joseph of the Beauty of the Friend; and until, like Jacob, thou forsake thine outward eyes, thou shalt never open the eye of thine inward being; and until thou burn with the fire of love, thou shalt never commune with the Lover of Longing. (Valley of Love in The Seven Valleys)

Cat love and kisses are coming your way...