Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guarding the treasures?

Ollie, the Magnificent, guarding his treasures...now you know why he is so fluffy!

And, Augustus, the Most Precious, guarding the door!

And last night we reviewed the following...

"Thine eye is My trust, suffer not the dust of vain desires to becloud its luster. Thine ear is a sign of My bounty, let not the tumult of unseemly motives turn it away from My Word that encompasseth all creation. Thine heart is My treasury, allow not the treacherous hand of self to rob thee of the pearls which I have treasured therein. Thine hand is a symbol of My loving-kindness, hinder it not from holding fast unto My guarded and hidden Tablets.... Unasked, I have showered upon thee My grace. Unpetitioned, I have fulfilled thy wish. In spite of thy undeserving, I have singled thee out for My richest, My incalculable favors...." (Gleanings)

May cat kisses and abundant treasures be yours this Tuesday!



  1. Love that photo of Ollie - too cute. have a lovely tuesday! XO

  2. You too Anne...thanks for the jewelry box link, and happy Tuesday : )

  3. OMG -- Ollie is getting SOOO big. You know, there's an obesity epidemic going on in America?

  4. Yes, I know. His treats are now low calorie treats, and I am trying very hard to not give in to his precious looks. Apparently the redhead cats are also genetically prone to chubbiness, all the more reason I should be watch this babe. Maybe we will get him a treadmill.

  5. what a sweet cat ! He is precious ; )

  6. He waved his paws at you in gratitude Mountain Dreamer!