Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Training their musical ears!

As cat boys grow up new talents must be developed and refined. August and Ollie are now listening to soothing music." width="300"/>

This song, by the talented and young artist Eric Harper, is in Portuguese. It is actually a prayer which happens to be a favorite of Ollie and August. On these changing summer days they like to hear it.

Teu nome é minha cura,
Ó meu Deus,
E a lembrança de Ti,
Meu remédio.
…ó meu Deus,
E a lembrança de Ti,
Meu remédio.
Aproximar-me de Ti
É minha esperança,
E meu amor por Ti,
Meu companheiro.

“Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope, and love for Thee is my companion.” – Bahá’u’lláh

Cat boys hope you enjoyed the music and they send you cat kisses!



  1. They look contented! They must be liking the music. Have a great Thursday!

  2. You too Anne. They love the music!