Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend of Fires and Smoke...

The Southern CA fire is ever expanding, controlled in some places and expanding in others. Saturday night we could clearly see the flames glowing in our northern foothills. The photo below is an iphone snap shot and unfortunately fuzzy; however, it shows the firy slope of hills to our north.
I think the catboys know something is up but they are not extremely sensitive to the smoke as I had hoped.  I watered the courtyard so their little paws would not feel too hot although this weather is entirely too much for furry Ollie.

Early Sunday morning... a red glowing sunrise, and a lot of smoke.  Cat boys have to investigate but I am not about to stay out too long.  Too much smoke.

Later in the day the smoke rises and it is easier to breathe; however, there is still a big fire raging in the mountains and smoke everywhere. 

Augustus resumed business as usual; however, Ollie felt this was too much for him and so he spent a good deal of time under the bed.

We read a small passage for our weekend meditation:

O SON OF BEING! Busy not thyself with this world, 
for with fire We test the gold,
and with gold We test Our servants. (Hidden Words)

Happy Monday to all and stay away from smoke...



  1. Sorry to read about the fires so close to home! I remember the awful feeling, when my husband stayed to man the fort (hosing off our house, too keep it wet... when a nearby fire loomed), and the kids and I watching from the safety of the village below. Courage to the cat boys too!

  2. Thanks Kristin...this is really widespread and I feel dizzy already...I feel like I have been smoking for a week now. BTW, your story of in-law rollling cigarettles reminded me of my French girlfriend who did the same and naturally I had to be cool so I did the same. Not anymore though!


  3. So sorry about the fires, Mona! Stay safe!

  4. Thank you Anne...we are OK now, just smoked out! This must be the best cure for smoking.


  5. glad to see you are safe from the fire's reach...i think you should buy a box of GoodEarth Vanilla CHAI tea, MLJ my dear (and don't say never)...and a chocolate bar...serve the Chai ICED & spiced...and eat the whole chocolate'll ward off any fire demons, didn't you hear!?!

  6. Hahaha Nancy...GoodEarth Vanilla Chai Tea, Iced, and chocolate bar...How about if I start with the chocolate bar first and then sip on the Chai...what if I become addicted to Chai, then I have to add it to my list of addictions?!?! I will try, just for you, a sip or two. : )

  7. Fires are the worst. I am sending you and the boys light and protection, and please some rain to slow these down, We have fires every couple of years when it dries out. Best of luck with this. Laura

  8. Dear Laura,
    You are so sweet. Light and protection, and maybe I need to teach the boys how to do the rain dance. For us so far the worst is the smoke. For the ones closer...well, an entirely different story.


  9. Ollie is my hero I think.

    Growing up, east coasters used to marvel that I lived with the threat of earth quakes. Lately, fires certainly seem the more pressing concern. I'm sorry about this - the season will come to an end soon (hopefully).