Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Simply Tuesday September 1st

Yesterday after work I stopped by the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. This garden is a true delight for lovers of plants and arts. I went there simply because I wanted to be delighted by silence, getting away for a few moments, and I was, although it was scorching hot.  I took some snapshots with my iphone, just in case I could not get the doodle cats to pose for me in the heat.  This tree is an aloe tree.
This is a shot of the same aloe tree with pyrocumulus clouds behind it.  These clouds are formed by the wildfires in the hills to the north of us.
This is a chirpy little fountain at the front entrance of the gardens, 
and this is the brilliant blue tile inside the fountain pool.
I come home and find Ollie hugging the wall.
Augustus is having num nums and licking his little lips.

Gussy and I go out for a stroll and chat. He is so precious.
I read to him, and he listens.
Back in the house, Ollie is sometimes the right way, legs down, 
and other times, he is upside down.  He does not go out until it is much cooler.

Our reading (chosen by Augustus himself) was this:
“O wayfarer in the path of God! Take thou thy portion of the ocean of His grace, and deprive not thyself of the things that lie hidden in its depths…. A dewdrop out of this ocean would, if shed upon all that are in the heavens and on earth, suffice to enrich them with the bounty of God, the Almighty, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. With the hands of renunciation draw forth from its life-giving waters, and sprinkle therewith all created things, that they may be cleansed from all man-made limitations, and may approach the mighty seat of God, this hallowed and resplendent Spot." (Gleanings)

Well, off I go to work while the little boys plot behind my back.
Happy Tuesday to all...


  1. i have read about those gardens, Mona. They are beautiful - great pics!

  2. They are indeed Anne. If you ever visit here I will offer myself as a tour guide. : )