Thursday, September 10, 2009

"How about we go to the YOGA MALA,

and do 108 Sun Salutations?", I asked Augustus and Ollie cat.

Augustus gave me his quizzitive, O Mama, you are pulling my leg look!

Ollie went straight into Yoga moves. The little ginger cat is vying to be the top precious cat in our household, and to reach there he gave me three early morning nuzzle sessions, one at 11:30 p.m., one at 2:00 a.m., and finally at 4: a.m. If you are not familiar with a nuzzle session, it consists of him walking ever so cautiously over my body, laying on my chest, rubbing his nose all over my nose, and massaging my neck with his sharp nails, all of this while purring like a well-tuned automobile. I do love the nuzzles, but 2 a.m. I ask? Perhaps it was the half-full moon?

Okay, back to Yoga, leg up,
over the head,
stretch out,
leg up front, straight, ears pulled back,
now bring the leg down but keep the ears pulled back, 
now bring the leg up again maintaining ear positions,
and finally both legs down slowly while bringing ears to upright attention position...whew!
Augustus assumed the hiding position indicating that he does not know us and does not want to be a part of this.
And finally, we read from the Hindu scriptures:

Now once more the teaching cometh, purer, brighter, oftener taught,
Learn the truth from heavenly Narad, happy is thy mortal lot,
Greater than the son of Ila, than the kings of earth in might,
Holier than the holy rishis, be thou in thy virtue bright!
INDRA help thee in thy battles, proud subduer of mankind,
YAMA in the mightier duty, in the conquest of thy mind,
Good KUVERA teach thee kindness, hungry and the poor to feed,
King VARNUA quell thy passions, free thy heart from sin and greed,
Like the Moon in holy lustre, like the Earth in patience deep,
Like the Sun be full of radiance, strong like Wind's resistless sweep!
In thy sorrow, in affliction, ever deeper lessons learn,
Righteous be your life in exile, happy be your safe return,
May these eyes again behold thee in Hastina's ancient town,
Conqueror of earthly trials, crowned with virtue's heavenly crown!"
Spake Vidura to the brothers, and they felt their might increase,
Bowed to him in salutation, filled with deeper, holier peace,
Bowed to Bhishma and to Drona, and to chiefs and elders all,
Exiles to the pathless jungle, left their father's ancient hall!

Incidentally, if you live in the LA area you may want to go to YOGA MALA on September 20th. I am told that one can download a coupon for a free week of YOGA.
Cat boys and I will not attend this grand event but may consider a local YOGA MALA at Yoga Kingdom Sanctuary in Pasadena.

Boys say Namaste, and I say Ciao!


  1. ...why he be the holiest, most flexible, feline yoga Master i've seen cometh EVER...namaste!

  2. Is Augustus taking students? I would like a private session!

  3. Augustus will give private lessons only to the select few...I think you are one of them. : )

  4. Maybe the cat boys should entertain teaching a "catsercise" course at a local pet resort? Have a lovely weekend, Mona!

  5. A local pet resort, catsersize class...splendid ideas! If I were only more entrepreneurial! And if they hear these things they may pack up their bags and hitch a ride to Florida!

    Have a great weekend Anne!