Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A sight for worried eyes...

It seems like an eternity for an outdoorsy kitty like Augustus; at the vet's since Monday, back home Tuesday evening for more entrapment, missed out on all the outdoor fun and had to drink his medicine too! I finally had to let him out this evening; I cannot trap him forever. I did spend a lot of time in and out to see if I hear or see something suspicious. Of course I live in a busy city where everything is suspicious. I am not sure what I am looking for but I was ready to take care of business as I paced around the complex, this street and that house....
A few welcome back snap shots...

Little (chubser) Ollie is thinking what is my brother August doing?

He wanted to know if we are keeping him. I said Yes.

All this cat business has gotten me off track...reading, meditation, yoga, exercise, what happened to all the things I like to do?
I suppose it will have to wait until hopefully very soon.

A happy Wednesday evening to all!

Meow Meow!


  1. I see kitten leeeeeeps!

    Glad to see your feline friend is feeling better. Hope, therefore, you are too! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Thanks Marina...I am much better when they are happy little dudes! Happy Thursday now!

  3. ..what we do...& sacrifice...for our little boys...glad he's home...