Friday, September 11, 2009

Those Celestial Spheres...

The cat boys had heard on the radio the news of the return to service of the 19-yr old Hubble Space Telescope. We were discussing how engineers had spent the last three months focusing, testing, and calibrating this telescope. Finally rejuvenated, the telescope is back to photographing the universe like never before, it has become this powerful extension of our eyes into the mysterious worlds around us. Boys and I went to this website to read more about this event and to look at a few photographs. They selected three of NASA's newly-released snapshots for your viewing pleasure. Take a look.

Augustus who loves butterflies selected this butterfly-shaped nebula,

Ollie selected this roiling stellar nursery,

and both of them voted a big yes for this galaxy cluster!

Speaking of telescopes, heavenly spheres, and the space missions I told them that Augustus' first babysitter actually works at JPL in Pasadena. JPL is of course involved with the space missions and much more.

Upon hearing this Ollie immediately jumped into the 'weightless' pose indicating that he likes to go into space.

Looking at Augustus' expression I am reading that he does not believe Ollie could be weightless even in outer space! What do you think?

Finally to conclude our morning chat on this Friday we read:
"The Celestial Universe is so formed that the under world reflects the upper world." -Persian Poet
That is to say whatever exists in heaven is reflected in this phenomenal world.
Augs asked if this world could be heavenly and I said 'yes'.

A happy Friday to all and kisses from the cat boys...

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