Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He laughs when I say Tweety bird,

but Tweety bird is his and Ollie's most cherished live toy.

We are up way early in the morning to go find Tweety bird...

We look and we look!

We look up into a tree...

We're back home an hour later and we did not see nor hear Tweety bird.

Ollie is concerned? or is he determined? He is confident that he can find him? Which is it? What is he telling me?

Nine hours later, mommy returns home, opens the door, and out dashes Ollie to show me Tweety Bird!!!

Joy, O Joy!

Yes, Ollie's eye candy...yummm!

Confident that Tweety bird is there to remain, he sets off onto his other visits! He has neighbor cats to say hi to!!

This is serious opportunity to review something divine, spiritual food, inspirational, etc. but we are having a day of rest, so to speak. My cat boys already have a prayer memorized and I think they will say it later themselves. It goes like this:

O God, guide me, protect me, make of me a shining lamp and a brilliant star. Thou art the Mighty and the Powerful!

This leaves me time to announce a serious giveaway from a talented Etsy silversmith, RosyRevolver. Check her out, she has a lot of eye candy in her store, and do say hi to her on her blog at!

On this Wednesday we wish that everyone finds their Tweety Bird!


  1. your that girl RosyRevolver...they make me SMILE...

  2. I think Ollie is asking for a visit with me. Yes, I see it in his eyes.;-)
    Happy Wednesday to you, lovely!

  3. The boys love you ladies, they are lady-loving boys!

    LBR, I did sense that Ollie had another woman in mind, I should have known it is you. : )