Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Musical heads...

After yesterday's comments about a certain red cat's size (no names) I thought perhaps I need to chat with the boys about food. This would naturally confuse the slender Augustus but what can a mommy do. Well, as you see shown below, cat boys have a sixth sense and know when a lecture might be coming. For minutes I was trying to get the boys' attention and not once did I manage to get them both facing me. Well, duhhh! We know cats conference back to back, what was mommy thinking! So I let it be.

Before I got a chance to say something, Ollie tells me this:

"All food was lawful to the children of Israel save that which Israel forbade himself before the Torah was revealed."

I am thinking 'what the heck?', 'is he reading my mind?', and 'since when is he a child of Israel?'.  Confused as I was, I did not let him gain the upper hand, and I went straight into an explanation of the famous Supper.

"O thou yearner after the Truth!
The Supper of the Lord which His Highness the Spirit (Christ) ate with the apostles was a heavenly supper and not one of material bread and water, for material objects have no connection with spiritual objects. As at that time material food was also present, therefore the leaders of the religion of Christ thought that it was material food which was changed into spiritual food.
The proof that it was not material food is this: The apostles upon many occasions partook of material food with His Highness Christ, yet the supper of that night became designated as the “Lord’s Supper.” From this designation it is plain and evident that they ate heavenly food at that supper. That heavenly food consisted of the love of God, the knowledge of God, the mysteries of God and the bestowal of God."
(Tablet of AbdulBaha 514)

From the ensuing bites I understood that he was not falling for this stuff, he likes his treats, and he will not be tricked.  So there we have it.  I need to call Siegfried and Roy and while I am waiting to hear from them, I will dispense treats with moderation.

Wishing all a treatful Wednesday and cat kisses.



  1. Thank you dear, appreciate the kind comment! I love your cat pics, I have six myself one of which is always in my lap , cheers Laura

  2. Ollie sends his love to both of you....