Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two cats waiting...

We were sure it was going to be weary and wordless, this Wednesday of ours. No sounds to be heard and no critters in sight!?!

Oh unsuspecting dove has landed across the street.
Ollie who is very competitive thinks this is a game but soon realizes there is a dove out there,
which he must have. 
And, there goes the dove.  'Patience, Mr Puffy Pants', I tell Ollie.
And this is what two cats in waiting look like.

We return, eat yummy tuna, and say this prayer:

O mon seigneur ! Fais de ta beauté ma nourriture, de ta présence mon breuvage, de ton plaisir mon espoir, de ta louange mon action, de ton souvenir mon compagnon, de Ta puissance souveraine mon secours, de ton habitation mon foyer, et fais que ma demeure soit le lieu que Tu as purifié des limitations imposées à ceux qu'un voile sépare de Toi. Tu es en vérité le Tout-Puissant, l'infiniment Glorieux, l'Omnipotent.

(O my Lord!  Make Thy beauty to be my food, and Thy presence my drink, and Thy pleasure my hope, and praise of Thee my action, and remembrance of Thee my companion, and the power of Thy sovereignty my succorer, and Thy habitation my home, and my dwelling-place the seat Thou hast sanctified from the limitations imposed upon them who are shut out as by a veil from Thee.  Thou art, verily, the Almighty, the All-Glorious, the Most Powerful.)

And if case you were wondering, OUI!, the cat boys pray in French!

Sending all little cat kisses!



  1. A beautiful prayer indeed! Those cat boys are amazing.

  2. I know...I am ashamed that as their adopted mom (they adopted me), I don't have such talents!


  3. oui,oui, ils vous embrassent...


  4. The fluffy orange cat! They are so sweet together. That could be the only orange tabby (?) that I have ever really liked! :)