Thursday, November 11, 2010

This morning ...

we walked together on the street,
and then played together for a good while in the courtyard.
Then we went indoors to pray.
Ollie assumed his prayer posture,
here's his upper half,
and our lower halves,
and then we prayed silently for blessings for all of our friends and family (especially Sylvester), furry and not so furry, that they be well and content!
Ollie snuck some wishes for juicy mice to come his way (is that ok he meowed),
while Augustus ended his prayers with wishes for some mouse slippers!
He re-emphasized by closing his eyes..."MOUSE SLIPPERS, COME TO ME"!
He then told me to check the mail to see if there were any mouse slippers for him! I promised to do that.
Our reading today was:

"Spirit has influence; prayer has spiritual effect. Therefore, we pray, "O God! Heal this sick one!" Perchance God will answer. Does it matter who prays? God will answer the prayer of every servant if that prayer is urgent. His mercy is vast, illimitable. He answers the prayers of all His servants. He answers the prayer of this plant. The plant prays potentially, "O God! Send me rain!" God answers the prayer, and the plant grows. God will answer anyone. He answers prayers potentially. Before we were born into this world did we not pray, "O God! Give me a mother; give me two fountains of bright milk; purify the air for my breathing; grant me rest and comfort; prepare food for my sustenance and living"? Did we not pray potentially for these needed blessings before we were created? When we came into this world, did we not find our prayers answered? Did we not find mother, father, food, light, home and every other necessity and blessing, although we did not actually ask for them? Therefore, it is natural that God will give to us when we ask Him. His mercy is all-encircling.
But we ask for things which the divine wisdom does not desire for us, and there is no answer to our prayer. His wisdom does not sanction what we wish. We pray, "O God! Make me wealthy!" If this prayer were universally answered, human affairs would be at a standstill. There would be none left to work in the streets, none to till the soil, none to build, none to run the trains. Therefore, it is evident that it would not be well for us if all prayers were answered. The affairs of the world would be interfered with, energies crippled and progress hindered. But whatever we ask for which is in accord with divine wisdom, God will answer. Assuredly!"
Selections AB

Gussy said, "Be sure to check the mail."...

The cat boys filled their big furry paws with juicy kisses which they blew in the air to wish you a happy day!

Ciao everyone!


  1. cats. walking on sidewalks. playing in courtyards. praying.
    praying sincerely and fervantly.

    lovely post. just what i needed.

    [you have mail delivery today??]


    [p.s.....ok....that's plumb weird. my word verification is *whamb*. like, "wham, needed this today...."]

  2. we will be checking the mail today....xoxoxo

  3. SO SO CUTE that it brings me physical pain.

    I love the upside-down-stretched-out-kitty pose.

  4. It is always a pleasure reading about what your kitties are up to. And did I just see on LBR's blog that you will be sending Ollie to therapy? Please do write about his sessions!

  5. Hannah- do you suppose that they know about their cuteness?

    Susan- I hope LBR shares some of what goes on in Ollie's know with confidentiality issues and stuff : )

  6. Today I am counting my blessings as I have had the opportunity to hold Ollie( one of the greatest pleasures of my life). He, folks, feels even better in your arms than he looks in photos.xoxo

  7. Upside down Ollie is adorable and who doesn't want mouse slippers and I don't even like mice.

    The piety of those two is unsurpassed in the feline world I'm sure of that!


  8. LBR...he still asks about you!
    Ro- they can be pious on some days and on others, they are very naughty!

  9. :)
    Did he get his slippers? Or anything in the mail?

    xo M and A and O...

  10. Sounds like a good weekend was had by all.....xv

  11. Hehehehe. I think ollie was meditating. And praying that gussy didn't get mouse slippers.

  12. xo Thanks M...
    I sent you a wee message on Twitter...Did you get it? I'm not sure how that space works...

  13. Oh my goodness, what fluffiness.

  14. HA! Mousey slippers... those boys crack me up.