Friday, May 6, 2011

Curious Interest...

Sometimes I just watch the cat boys and just love them in my heart, no words uttered loudly. The other day I was admiring these lads as they were pursuing their interests quite naturally.

quietly walked the wall to find a good vista.
In no time he found himself backed by his ginger brother, Ollie.

They watched, chatted, consulted, worked on a plan perhaps,
or maybe Augustus just sent him off to get him a glass of water?!

Down below, a little later that day, Gus and Ols asked for a reading and so we read this:
"Originality is one of the thousand refreshing outcomes of the independent investigation of Truth, for the simple reason that if we look at anything, we look at it in a way peculiar to ourself. We have to. We will all see the same Reality, but at different angles. A change from the past, when originality has been so rare as to be a matter of comment, and we have praised people as 'original thinkers.' And with so many such thinkers in circulation, the impetus to all the graces of civilization is self-evident. Besides which, when each of us has to discover life for himself, each will be as exultant as Columbus when his first redskin glittered through the shrubbery."
Dawn Over Mount Hira

Content, they ran about their business but not before sending many kisses in the air for their friends. Seeing that wall I found myself humming to this, which really has nothing to do with anything.

We wish all a lovely weekend...Ciao!


  1. Those boys, like you, are so easy to cherish,
    so easy to love... they are heartbreakers to say the least:)

    You piqued my interest utterly with this post, I'm going to go and retrieve more info on the Dawn Over Mount Hira


  2. M-Enjoy the weekend, you make loving a simple thing to do! xo

  3. Or the redskin peeked through through the bush at the whiteskin.

    excellent post Mona.....have a lovely weekend.


  4. Our cats are indoor kitties---they always stare into the trees through the windows (that is where they would like to be!).

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Ro- that's right, they peeked at each other thinking 'whaa?' xoxo

    Hannah- you are lucky, fewer worries and troubles and I am sure your kitties are enjoying outdoors in their heads without the dangers.... I only wish I were a cat so I could lead them more effectively. See you next week, I am inspired. x

  6. Today's reading made me smile. Originality as a kind of reward for self discovery -- what a great idea.

  7. Susan- Isn't it so true though? Everyone can be original if they trust themselves to discover for themselves. I am looking forward to our meeing. Have a great weekend! x

  8. "all see the same reality but at different angles...."
    LOVE that!

    and, love the sweet brothers, chatting and walking together.


  9. Augustus' face! So lovely in the sun~

    Like M, I'm very interested in the reading you had with the boys... thoughts on originality, the reality and how our own experiences will bring a different angle to the conversation.

    Always a pleasure to hang out in your world, even if it is for just a little while~



  10. The lighting is just lovely in these shots... so much of what makes photography great.

    And perception is the greatest blessing and curse... it allows us to live freely and yet shows us all the reasons people don't. It is our greatest freedom if we nurture it properly.