Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Custodians of the forces of love...

Every occasion with the cat boys is a rarified occasion, in my view of course. Here we were one cool, breezy, sunny, gentle afternoon last week where I took them to the back yard for treats.
As I watched "Smily", our very own MrPuffyPants,
and Augustus, also known as "MrSweetPants" in some circles,
I started thinking of how much love they spread around...Aahh, these babes
have to be the Custodians of the Forces of Love.
MrSweetPants prefers others to not know that he is SweetPants,
but he is. Just see for yourselves!
MrPuffyPants is busy and has no opinions on this matter.
We gathered, read and stared.

"The greatest gift of man is universal love - that magnet which renders existence eternal. It attracts realities and diffuses life with infinite joy. If this love penetrate the heart of man, all the forces of the universe will be realized in him, for it is a divine power which transports him to a divine station and he will make no progress until he is illumined thereby. Strive to increase the love-power of reality, to make your hearts greater centers of attraction and to create new ideals and relationships..." {Divine Philosophy}

Cat boys made pawfuls of kisses and blew them in the breeze. You may have received a few not knowing about it.


  1. I like being invited to your pawty........xoxo

  2. Ha ha...we will make you tea and little sandwiches! xoxo

  3. this is good...I will check my bag and see if I received mine! :)

  4. kerin, I have no doubt you received a whole load of kisses, juicy and delicious xoxoxo

  5. I so feel the love they emit... they truly know how to give kisses:P

  6. i caught *mine* in the wind.
    many thanks to the cat dudes....

  7. MIcky-they do emit love, I know you know how that works : ) xoxo

    marie, marie- so glad you did because when they make them they call your name on some of them xoxo

  8. I like how both of your kitties have names ending in "pants" (it's because they are siblings, no?).

    So cute.

  9. I knew I felt something sweet on the wind yesterday...and now I know the source!

    Lovely reading, as always. Thanks for sharing!



  10. Those words filled my heart with all kinds of joy... you are a wonder, and so are the kitty boys!


  11. The greatest gift,yes, but the hardest to realize, I think.

  12. I am still giggling about Ollie working for the City of Los Angeles as an inspector of sewers.

  13. My cat came in wet and looking pitiful today... he needs some of that sun that yours have!
    here's to wishing summer would come our way!!

  14. Hannah- yes, that is why, so glad you noticed xo

    Adrienne- yes, those kisses fly long distances xo

    Sunny O Sunny- you are the sunshine of our days xo

    ShannonAnn- it is so true, and that is why we need these custodians to help up ...so great to see you xo

    Susan- isn't the City of Pasadena lucky...did I tell you how eager he is to check the waterways? I have to shake my head, I have to clean his puffy pants most days xoxo

    Samantha- I know I know ...I hope it comes your way soon. xoxo