Monday, July 11, 2011

A fine day indeed to continue with readings and reflections

there is even a bird on the very top of this bougainvillea that we three love!
and Ollie always choose the place for our gathering.
We three need a place that allows us to assume a humble posture of learning! I wonder where they plan to go today with all this coordination and determination.

Oh oh, determination is gone...Ollie has to make a sniff stop!
More sniffing, from all angles! Augustus says, "O brother!"
Ollie is besides himself now.
Augustus and I are now intrigued.
Look at this smily cat!!!
Nope, it is not over!

Finally, Gingersnap is ready, looking at me with his hazel eyes.

Augustus decided to listen while standing with his hind legs crossed. just in case he had to make a dash.

Continuing with last week's reflection upon themes of free will, predestination and the influence of the stars, we read:

"Question. -- If God has knowledge of an action which will be performed by someone, and it has been written on the Tablet of Fate, is it possible to resist it?

Answer. -- The foreknowledge of a thing is not the cause of its realization; for the essential knowledge of God surrounds, in the same way, the realities of things, before as well as after their existence, and it does not become the cause of their existence. It is a perfection of God. ...

...the knowledge of God in the realm of contingency does not produce the forms of the things. On the contrary, it is purified from the past, present and future. It is identical with the reality of the things; it is not the cause of their occurrence.

In the same way, the record and the mention of a thing in the Book does not become the cause of its existence. The Prophets, through the divine inspiration, knew what would come to pass…
The mathematicians by astronomical calculations know that at a certain time an eclipse of the moon or the sun will occur. Surely this discovery does not cause the eclipse to take place. This is, of course, only an analogy and not an exact image."
(Some Answered Questions)

The cat boys were very pleased with this reading and so they readily made many kisses and blew them in the air with their best possible cat wishes.



  1. "Identical to the reality of things" - what a lovely way to look at creation...

    Muah to you and the boys!


  2. Allison- on one level I get it and on another I don't...muah muah to you xoxo

  3. wow. what a take on free will and predestination!

    that augustus. he can surely throw around those ever-changing glances and expressions!
    and ollie. so innocently into his surroundings.


  4. I quickly concluded and prophised the fate of the bird on the shrub.
    What divine intervention prevented Augustus and Ollie from their natural hunting instinct?
    That is the question.

  5. I saw The Adjustment Bureau last night---lots of thoughts on fate/free will...

    Happy week to you!

  6. FOXX- just when I think I got it I realize that I don't get it..good thinking exercise...and yes, those cat boys have taken a few drama lessons at the local cat theatre xoxo

    helen- yes, that bird was asking for it but we did not know what was destined for him : )

    Hannah- I had to look up The Adjustment Bureau, I thought it was something like FBI... : )

  7. I enjoyed the reading reflection and the view as I always do.
    Sending love in the form of clouds, xoxoxox poof!