Monday, July 18, 2011

It may have started like this, with a chase,

I can no longer tell since we visit the same quarters each day.
The squirrels who have come to know the cat boys play games knowing full well that well-fed cats won't eat squirrel meat, and so each day, we play the same game with undiminished enthusiasm.
On this particular day Ollie was playing cat and squirrel down below when Augustus yelled up for him to show him higher grounds. The precious athletic cat boy that he is ran up the wall like Robin, Batman's buddy where he felt proud.
I yelled out to him that I was very proud too.
Augustus showed him a new vista, areas that he must watch if he wants to become the lion that he is destined to become when suddenly
something peculiar caught his eyes, and from that look I knew that what he witnessed must be peculiar.
Down below I saw a squirrel dancing (pardon the lack of focus)! I think he was dancing since both cats were up on the wall but then who knows?!!!
The two cat boys agreed that the squirrels were displaying too much sass perhaps, and that
it was a good time to read and reflect.
We continued our reflections on our true selves, a topic most important to cats who want to be lions and jaguars.

"Two basic powers or capacities of knowing and loving are linked to our purpose- our reason for being...Each capacity supports and facilitates the development of the other. In order to know, for instance, we must love learning; if we are to love we must know how to love and how to be loved." Dan Jordan

Cat boys stated that they knew how to chase squirrels and that they loved making kisses and that they were off to a good start. I could not agree more! Kisses were sent along with the best cat wishes possible.

Happy Monday everyone! Ciao!

PS- Please take a look at this link...Augustus is so touched, I think he is in love!


  1. Oooh, our cats love squirrels so dang much... they make dolphin noises at the windows...
    it's pretty hilarious :)

    Sending love!

  2. Allison- now that is just too funny. dolphin noises?!! xoxo

  3. Your cats are so wise
    I just find these words powerful and have made record in my journal"
    In order to know, for instance, we must love learning; if we are to love we must know how to love and how to be loved." Dan Jordan

    I know I love learning and hope I know hot to love and how to be loved!

    Thank your for your thought provoking posts.

  4. oh, my!! the dudes are now FAMOUS!
    [not that they weren't, before....but now they are IN PRINT.]

    great reading: deep and ponderous as always.


  5. dear helen- I do the same as you do- I too love learning more than anything in the world and I try to love...xoxo

    marie marie- I was so delighted when carolina got inspired by that leaping photo of Augustus...I screamed with joy; good to see you alaskan woman xoxo

  6. Sassy indeed those pesky squirrels are chewing my new fence that now is capped in wire :( I need those boys over here.