Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I called them furry mysteries today...

I said, "cat boys, where should we take it today?". They pointed to the gate and so we took it out the front gate but
we did not get very far! Augustus the SweetPants fell on his side and
seeing Mr PuffyPants' paws I could tell that the same had happened to him.
So we took it back in on the other side of the gate. They assumed the proper learning posture momentarily and then I got side tracked by the furry mysteries who threw
glances in one direction
and then the other direction;
sleepy eyes closed
and sleepy eyes opened.
Gus with closed eyes and Ollie open eyes
followed by Ollie closed eyes and Augustus open eyes.
Then they chose to talk to each other for a while
and whatever Ollie told Augustus made him wonder deep wonderful thoughts.

Now they are telling me that soon they would be able to listen
and I don't believe that is the case based on their legs being extended in the air!

Mr Puffy Pants told me that he preferred to listen upside down
while SweetPants said that he would listen with his eyes closed for better concentration.
I take what I can get.
We were a few days ago, maybe a week ago reading Dan Jordan, On Becoming Your True Self and so since my mind was on instrumentation and lab work I decided to just for the much needed distraction...

"None of us knows his capacity for love or how much he can learn. Just as we had to have faith before we could learn about the attributes of God, so must we have faith before we can know something of ourselves. We must love- be attracted to, have a particular attitude towards- that unknown in our own selves if it is to become released. If we relate satisfactorily to the unknown in ourselves, we will be able to relate to the unknown in others. In other words, we have to accept others not only for what they presently are but also for what they can become; otherwise we impede their process of transformation and keep them from becoming their true selves. "- Dan Jordan

"Ye are My treasury, for in you I have treasured the pearls of My mysteries
and the gems of My knowledge."
(Hidden Words)

Later I asked Ollie to make kisses because Gussy had already made his and blown them in the air and so he did...

We wish all a wonderful week! Ciao!


  1. Synchronized sitting and darn cute. Plus, I spy a snaggle...

    I flopped down on the couch today much like your is so hot here!! Hope you guys are staying cool.

  2. Your boys definitely have an understanding! X's

  3. Puffy Pants and Sweet Pants in your eye shut, eye open part, I feel you were snoozing and may have missed the important part "we must accept others not only for what they are but also for what they are to become-otherwise we impede their process in their becoming their true self" This is very timely.
    My best

  4. it is true....we know absolutely nothing about our capacity to learn....I think I am going to practice learning new things with my feet in the air like the cat boys....!

  5. Hannah- they take my breath away when they sychronize, I think the heat did them in xo

    ShannonAnn- I think they do too but I don't, which is why I hang with them xo

    helen-the boys were hoping that you would enjoy...I have to think a lot about that "..." xxx

    kerin- I have tried the upside down posture and I like to tell you dear friend that it works...I think the increased blood flow and reverse imagery is stimulating : ) xoxo

  6. I spy a snaggle too!

    That photo of Gussie by the flower pots gazing at you adoringly is my favorite today.


  7. Oh thanks Susan- those boys have snared my know it xoxo

  8. I believe in many things.. my universe being the most important. And the timing of this post is another way I know my universe is still looking out for me. This has been a theme for me as i am entering a new relationship that is full of love and only because we both truly love ourselves. and I know your boys truly love you too.. it's beautifully apparent. much love to you as well.

  9. oh my golly gosh.
    that first photo of augustus collapsing on the concrete: too funny.
    in fact, the whole complete posting was so hilarious, i could not focus on the wisdom "read" to me....


  10. Sam- so true those magical universal connections that bind us together...sending you love

    MissFox- those two are comedians...glad they made you laugh xoxo

  11. I think you should have cards made. That last shot is adorable. Maybe you can find them an agent, I think they're ready for TV.

    Have a wonderful weekend Mona.


  12. Thank you for this wonderful picture series!
    You guys, have a super weekend!

  13. Ro- you made our day...kitties send you special kisses xoxo

    Dear Mette- thank you and wonderful weekend to you as well!