Thursday, July 7, 2011

They asked me about fate and predestination

before they ran into this butterfly, which is nearly invisible as it has the same color as these bushes, light green underneath and white on the other side.
Augustus loves butterflies
and so does Ollie.

Hoping to launch a sneak attack Ollie stands with firm resolve.
They both had to give in to the agility of the butterfly. Not so thrilled to follow me but they did.
The next few scenes are just samples of what it takes to get two cat boys into the correct posture for listening and reflecting...

I must comment that at this point I had the strongest urge to kiss him on his lips but I did not.

I also had the strongest urge to kiss him on his little nose but I did not.
I looked up fate and predestination and came up with this from the Persian teacher, Abdul-Baha:

"Thou hadst asked about fate, predestination and will. Fate and predestination consist in the necessary and indispensable relationships which exist in the realities of things. These relationships have been placed in the realities of existent beings through the power of creation and every incident is a consequence of the necessary relationship. For example, God hath created a relation between the sun and the terrestrial globe that the rays of the sun should shine and the soil should yield. These relationships constitute predestination, and the manifestation thereof in the plane of existence is fate. Will is that active force which controlleth these relationships and these incidents. Such is the epitome of the explanation of fate and predestination. I have no time for a detailed explanation. Ponder over this; the reality of fate, predestination and will shall be made manifest." (Selections from the Writings of AB)

Cat boys were trying to figure this out as was I. While thinking they made those pawfuls of predestined kisses and blew them in the air...we hope you got some!



  1. It's amazing to me how the universe works.. mine, at least. I know it to have a fantastic sense of humor, among many other terrific traits. And this is one of those times where I can tell it's truly paying attention.
    I just had the same conversation about fate and predetermined moments with my favorite boys. Hopefully your boys offered the same contemplative thoughts...

  2. What a coincidence Sam! I am happy to hear that you too have such companions : )

  3. [....deep sigh....] well, now. THAT was deep and worth pondering and pensing.

    but, in the meantime: i caught one of those predestined kisses....


  4. I just love your thought process and your cats. Butterflies' lives are such a strong metaphor for us that I think we don't talk about it much for fear of seeming corny and trite. Thanks for your post!

    P.S. I always kiss my cats on the lips but now I'm going to watch where they've traveled immediately prior!

  5. I would have had to kiss the little kitty boy nose...that is predestined!

  6. dear foxy- that is one interesting topic to me as well and I was surprised the boys wanted to know about it too..we will further explore this xoxo

    Anne-lovely to see you; butterflies indeed are miracles fluttering in front of eyes to teach us lessons on the fly...miss kerinrose below has made a ring in their you, I think twice between giving lip kisses, I have kitty wipes but boy do I ever kiss their cheeks,,wishing you a lovely weekend xo

    kerin- : ) he always looks like he just sneezed, so funny xoxo

  7. It must take quite a bit of concentration not to kiss your boys.