Friday, July 15, 2011

Another unusual day with the cat boys...

It was only after a good game of Sherlock Holmes where cat boys carefully investigate the bushes that
Mr PuffyPants Watson
and Mr SweetPants Holmes agreed to sit for a pow wow.
And so we gathered together, exchanged a few pleasantries and
read this:

"Feeling oneself becoming the best of what one can potentially be constitutes the highest joy. It promotes a sense of self-worth, obviates the need for expressing hostility, and guarantees a compassionate social conscience- all prerequisites of world unity and peace. "
Dan Jordan, On Becoming Your True Self

Ollie and Augustus enjoyed this reading very much and started pondering how they could be their true selves. Immediately they started making kisses and blowing them in the air which told me that their true selves were made of love, they are furry love balls.
Later I drove to work and as I did my coffee stop I felt elated by seeing this urban humming bird...
There's the busy street in the background,

and here is his private forest of flowers.

Wishing all a lovely Friday and a weekend of rest!

Ciao everyone!


  1. OMGosh!!!!
    That bird. Makes me think of Kerin of course! What a wonderful sight. And fantastic photos too, bravo Mona!

    Those boys...Love at its purest certainly.
    Much love to you!

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  3. Do you think we begin as our true self and pile things on top of it? Obscuring it before {hopefully} finding ourselves again...?
    That we become our true selves with time and wisdom?


  4. Andrea, I too have to gasp each time I see a hummingbird. I feel so lucky that they don't mind to be in these loud cities.

    We do begin as our true selves but in latent form, certainly not in the form we hope to become. We do unfortunately acquire a lot of useless things along the way. That's how I see it. xoxo

  5. Great hummingbird pics!! You caught it mid-wing-swoosh.

  6. I'd say your boys have got it down pat!
    I think it must be something uniquely human that makes us question our true selves. The magical hummingbird knows, certainly, and babies have no doubts but then as soon as we learn embarrassment and shame, the fear sets in.

  7. I love the idea of your kitties and Holmes and Watson. Mr Puffy Pants makes a very good Watson.

    Lovely photography, as usual, especially that humming bird.

    Here's to being our best selves.

    Have a beautiful weekend Mona!


  8. wow , wow, wow what photos! favorite most magical bird....! elusive and hard to capture, MLJ!....yes, those "useless things" we acquire...I am trying hard to peel them away!

  9. OMG! Get away from that busy road!

  10. my goodness: not only sweet photos of kiss-blowing cat dudes, but the captured shot of a magical bird and a mystical reading on finding one's true self.

    this posting was perfect. absolutely.


  11. Hannah- swoosh it was....fascinating flying technique amazes me every single time!

    ShannonAnn- it most certainly is a human capacity, a cosmic hunger...xoxo

    Susan- thank you, cat boys always send personalized kisses for you xoxo

    kerin- I do think of you when I see these magical birds, and I too am peeling xxoo

    Amanda- I know, I was chasing that bird, the pied piper bird xo

    marie- if you enjoy it then our work is done : )