Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day dear friends...

Two cat boys seated like this in our courtyard could mean a couple of things. One is that they want to sing for me in unison. Delightful as that would have been it was not the case.
Second, it would have to be the berry rain that falls down when the Pasadena parrots fly our skies. It mesmerizes the cat boys. We hear these birds nearly every day, and we love them. They seem to need to exercise their beaks by breaking off little branches, and so wherever they gather it rains little berries and branches.
Sweet Pants Augustus went out to figure out why it sounded like rain but without the droplets. He went out to investigate
and found a street covered with berries and branches.
Standing there immersed in the ocean of sounds and colors
was a powerful experience!
It was musical. It was magical.
Later that night I went to see Augustus to read
and reflect...
We had nothing particular in mind, just feeling calm, perhaps in awe...remembering...

"I knew not what amazement was
Until I made Thy love my cause.
O how amazing would it be
If I were not amazed by Thee!"
(Divan Ibn Farid, mystic poet)

Then I went to the next level to get Ollie. This scene told me that I was too late.
Mr Puffy Pants was plumb exhausted.
The cat boys sent you their best wishes for a happy valentine's day in addition to all the kisses that they could make.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Adorable as usual. I can hear the heavenly choir behind your cuties.

    Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

  2. Happy Valentine's day to you and the two lovely boys. They are adorable and I wish they were "mine!"

    I think I can hear them singing a love song! Is it them singing? Oh... how beautiful!

    PS: My new follower is a dog! Isn't that funny?


  3. Hannah- Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Thank you for the lovely poetry!

    Anna- Happy Valentine's Day...you have a dog follower? O my! How we would love to have a dog follower... it is very funny! xx

  4. Happy valentines day to you and the adorable cat boys!

  5. happy Valentine's day to you and all your boys :-D

  6. Carolina- thank you...to you special kisses from the boys! xx

    Anna- thank you and to you as well...special kisses xx

  7. "they want to sing for me in unison."
    happy valentine's day to you and the boys.

  8. Hey there. I stopped by to visit your kitties. They're still as cute as ever. My goodness they do make their own paradise. How lovely. :)

  9. marie- happy valentine's day to you too...you were in my heart xx

    laila- they do indeed and they love your visits xx