Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The rhythm of our days...

I have noticed how important rhythm is to the focus and energy of cat boys. A disciplined ritual collects their random energies, and so this is why we walk, read and reflect together.
I bought these plants for the cat boys. They love beautiful surroundings. The plants need to be beautified but that will be another day's project. I love how each cat inspects the plants.

Inspections over the cat boys ran into the courtyard. Here's Sweet Pants Augustus
with his musical gait.
Ollie Puffy Pants hurried right behind
and the two set off like two horses onto the track.
Ollie split...games began.
They did ask me about the future state of life on earth, I researched, we read this from Abdul-Baha, spiritual teacher:
"The Lord of all mankind hath fashioned this human realm to be a Garden of Eden, an earthly paradise. If, as it must, it findeth the way to harmony and peace, to love and mutual trust, it will become a true abode of bliss, a place of manifold blessings and unending delights. Therein shall be revealed the excellence of humankind, therein shall the rays of the Sun of Truth shine forth on every hand."
This they found pleasing, they made kisses and blew them in the air for your fat Tuesday!

Ciao everyone!


  1. I think the spiritual teacher was describing a lucky cat's life (as there are cats who don't have a happy life!")

    I don't think this human realm is all that wonderful, and peace, love and mutual trust belong to Utopia "The best possible world!" not in this mutilated world we live in.

    I wouldn't mind being one of your cats. I loved my cat boy Henry very much and I know he's still with me!




  2. Anna- the fact that some cats can be lucky shows that it is possible to have that utopian world...we just need more loving people like you...I agree that the current state of affairs is far from what it could be...xxx

  3. In reference to the discussion above....

    All we can do is create our own "best world possible" and hope the ripples go forth and multiply...

    I feel lucky that you both are in this world.



    *off to tackle the verification words........

  4. I agree with Anna, lots of ugliness and unhappiness in the world and sometimes it makes me want to quit, crawl under the covers.
    It would be so tempting to give up and do nothing. I think that would be the biggest tragedy of all.

  5. you guys have perfect rhythm.
    truly. indeed.

  6. Lovely plants...my cats just eat flowers (those brats!).

    Blogger's word verifications are oddly difficult! I don't know what's going on here...

  7. Ro- thank you for the lovely words and I too am puzzled by the word verification business!!! xxx

    Ana- Great to see you, hope the new job is going great! We cannot give up...xx

    marie- xx

    Hannah- all cats are brats, aren't they? Look forward to your new poem already. : )

  8. Wow, some really inspiring quotes! Thanks:)

  9. So true. Daily routines and a definite timetable is a must for cats too.
    They wake up real early, don´t they?
    And I must say, that I see " horsy movements" in the pictures. E.g., the way the front leg- sorry front paw is stretched, before it touches the ground ; )!

  10. Beautiful. Everything about this post.

  11. Mark-thank you, if you like it then it has to be special: )

    Dear Mette- this is one reason I love these boys even more that should be allowed, they have the gait of horses and I love horses..xx

    Adrienne- lovely to see you, you know I may be in your neck of the world soon, for a few days. xx