Friday, February 3, 2012

This morning

I got up right at 5 a.m. to let the cat boys out, not one minute past 5. Yesterday the doodle cats had a dental cleaning appointment that took it out of them, and for that matter, out of us. To make up for that I waited on them hands and feet, actually, the way we always do.

When the sun peeked its head out to the level that I could snap a few photos, we walked out again, for round 2, 3, n??

Ollie the magnificent ginger cat sat by me while

I looked at the skies. I wondered about the jets and more so about the birds and squirrels who seem to roam the neighborhoods. One day they are all here and the next, they are not.
At some point, Ollie, Augustus and I found ourselves in the back of the complex.
Though seemingly unfocused, I knew that in actual fact they were focused, and so I read to them this passage that has been the object of my reflections during the last few days.

"Finally we come to the kingdom of man. ... In man we find the power of attraction among the elements which compose his material body, plus the attraction which produces cellular admixture or power augmentative, plus the attraction which characterizes the sensibilities of the animal kingdom, but still beyond and above all these lower powers we discover in the being of man the attraction of heart, the susceptibilities and affinities which bind men together, enabling them to live and associate in friendship and solidarity. It is therefore evident that in the world of humanity the greatest king and sovereign is love. If love were extinguished, the power of attraction dispelled, the affinity of human hearts destroyed, the phenomena of human life would disappear. "(Abdul Baha in Foundations of World Unity)

The cat boys were very pleased. Their hearts are filled with love to an incredible degree, and they wish that for all.

On the way back indoors (so I could get ready for work) I was amused by Augustus and his reflection.

Having tested the waters he had to jump across the lake.
Ollie big-paw, on the other hand, waded through
and made ripples form, ripples of ginger cat love.
We wish you all a weekend of love with pawfuls of kitty kisses! : )



  1. well, by the looks of it,
    i bet Ollie likes baths...!!!

  2. an a great weekend to all of you too!
    we'll bw staying in, temperatures are at an all time low

  3. sweet boys.
    so glad they recovered from the dental cleaning....
    [sometimes even kitties need to be waited on hand-and-foot.
    OH. WAIT.
    they already make us do that!!]

    always: a wonderful reading.
    i am learning about love and this just got added to the lesson.
    thank you.


  4. Lovely pics of the Cb's! Hope you're having a good week so far! xo