Wednesday, February 15, 2012

they have chosen our hearts....

The tulip tree outside our unit is hurrying towards full bloom, a treat for
Augustus Sweet Pants who likes to sit on the patio wall to eat his breakfast.
Later in the morning he reposes while I read to him a passage for his meditations.
"He hath chosen out of the whole world the hearts of His servants, and made them each a seat for the revelation of His glory. Wherefore, sanctify them from every defilement, that the things for which they were created may be engraven upon them. This indeed is a token of God’s bountiful favor." Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah

This is one of our Murs des Chats, or cat walls, with illustrations from lovely Carolina.
Mr Puffy Pants is calm. He said hello and made kisses for you.
We wish all a lovely Wednesday!



  1. I just want to say.....those are the luckiest kitties on the planet and breakfast on the patio!

    I adore their personal gallery, still Banjo sleeps under her commissioned portrait.

    It takes one, doesn't it, glad to know you Mrs.


  2. Thank you Ro...we feel that we are the lucky ones even though they slave us around : )
    O, that Banjo! You know I have thought about that a lot...It is lovely to know you Ro! xxooxx

  3. Tulip trees? Never, ever heard of them. So pretty.
    I take it, that Ollie is blowing kisses also my way ; )?!
    He is such a darling : ).

  4. Mette- he sure is : ), and yes, tulip trees...first the flowers come and then the leaves xx

  5. The tulip magnolia is so beautiful!

    The kitties of course, are masterpieces :).

    Mona, I wanted to let you know that I put up a "farewell" post, am off to new and exciting adventures in life. I'll try to keep in touch with my blogger friends, but probably won't be online as much. We plan to get back to LA this Fall, I'll get in touch when I know our plans. xoxo

  6. Thank you Susan for remembering us. We love you. Look forward to your visit...look forward to seeing wedding pics. xoxo