Monday, May 18, 2009

The Abode of Bliss...

This title has nothing to do with today's blog, it just sounds delightful. If you like to know it is the title of a chapter from the book Tulipomania by Mike Dash.

The pictures are from this past weekend. Early morning Augustus comes and gets me to go out with him. We head down the street to the unkept house (which has become more groomed probably because the neighbors complained). The bald grass has become feeding ground for a group of very pretty mourning doves. These guys are really interesting. They become statuesque when the cats are around. Instead of flying away they just freeze. As you can see Augustus is doing the crouching tiger move as he crawls towards them. I am only letting him crouch in the middle of the street because I am standing there otherwise he has no business crouching in the middle of a street.

He approaches the doves. Fascinating! Not a sound!

Meanwhile a goofy squirrel down the street is watching and trying to alert the doves. Yeah right, as if they understand his language!

Augustus is motionless, and now the birds are moving about; they cannot tell that he is watching them!

I notice a lady walker coming down the sidewalk; she sees me standing taking pictures, and oblivious of everything with the exception of her i-pod, she passes by! Whoosh, there go the doves! How coarse are human movements in comparison to cat movements!

Augustus looks at me and gives a little meow. I said, don't worry babe, we'll find more another day.

You said, where was Ollie during all of this? No one knows.

Later in the morning I am having coffee and toast on the patio and my little fellow keeps me company. He sits on the wall and reflects on all that happened. Once in a while I am treated to a little meow or little gurggly sound that he makes. Just can't get enough of looking at him...his dreamy looks, his peacefulness.

I wish you all an abode of bliss free from whooshing lady walkers...ha ha!


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