Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It all seemed normal at first...

However, I sensed that something was up with Ollie!

Maybe not, he was only quenching his thirst...

Didn't think much when I saw him pow-wowing with Augustus...

Didn't pay much attention when I saw him flipping through my reading materials

Yesterday when I left for work he had grabbed some reading and was on the bed!

Then this:

Finally he came out with it. He wanted me to share a selection with you, something about the realm of full awareness (that's where he roams), something related to the Sioux tale he shared earlier that had to do with creating your own reality...

"...Concerning this realm, there is many a tradition and many a verse, of broad or special relevancy, but two of these will suffice to serve as a light for men of mind and heart.
The first is His statement: "O My Servant! Obey Me and I shall make thee like unto Myself. I say 'Be' and it is, and thou shalt say 'Be,' and it shall be."
And the second: "O Son of Adam! Seek fellowship with none until thou hast found Me, and whenever thou shalt long for Me, thou shalt find Me close to thee."...

This is way too profound and you may want to read the whole passage here. I think he is trying to say that once mindful of our spiritual essence, we will have powers that allow us to define our own realities.

I think I am going to freak out if he continues with this, one moment he is biting my arm and the next he is telling me tales!!! I don't know where these boys find these writings and furthermore, how do they understand them....

Augustus who was a silent observer then came to me with a request. He wants a meditation cushion like this:

The Scottish fold posing in this ad for meditation cushions is Basil Farrow who used to live with Mia Farrow. Augustus mentioned that this cushion could be purchased from the Monastery Store right here.

I think I need to get all of this out of my head. Do let me know if your cats are up to the same!




  1. Lily likes to eat books. Yep. I have heard of being a voracious reader but she takes it to an extreme. She also likes to type. She is trying to help me type now.;-)

  2. Hmmm! We used to have a cat that ate my husband's physical chemistry notes, page by page. Now he lives with the in-laws.
    Lily may be writing a book secretly when you are away. Search your home.