Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oh No!, said Ollie.

Last night a friend invited me to go to an informative earthquake preparedness session sponsored by the San Gabriel Valley Chapter of Red Cross. Before I start moaning let me say three things.
1. It is great that this organization is trying to prepare the public for what is now for sure an inevitable natural disaster waiting to happen.
2. The Red Cross headquarters off of Orange Grove Blvd and Madeline is a stunning building in a beautiful residential neighborhood. They offer architectural tours, I believe on the second Thursday of each month, and this I will attend.
3. The people working there were also super!

Okay, now the moaning, and I will keep it short because I can easily depress myself! Aargh! Is there anyway to prepare for a disaster that is of such a scale that there is no way out of it? Ladies and gents, the short answer is NO. This experience will either make you god-fearing or the opposite. This is Katrina, many times worse but without the water. And if it happens during the Santa Ana season, even better then. We were told that we could expect civility for about two weeks, people helping each other, etc. After that we should prepare to protect ourselves from terrorism and violence. One useful thing to know was this, and I am serious: do enough preventative prep so that you don't get injured. Do the math, 10 million people in the LA basin and x number of hospitals.

Let's face it, we all know that we can handle a local earthquake such as the Northridge one; however, sth x10 or x20 or x50. It will not be pretty. And as different scenarios raced through my head I started thinking about dying my hair again!!!

Let's think good thoughts now. Furry cats, little purrs and their pink noses. I am now also going to confess that I love cat noses. So here are a few cat noses for you too:

But my favorites are:

I will follow up with a quote tomorrow. Isn't this what I always try to do?

Bon Mercredi a tous!



  1. ...well HELLO are all soooo beautiful & FUN...i'd like to come over & play everyday!!!
    ...or come visit me...(our Moms are blog friends)!!!

  2. are so very handsome! How big are you?

  3. ...Good morning sweetness...well, shall i say, i'm a more matuuuure kitty...i am 11yrs old now...& such a grownup...but Mom still thinks I'm her baby...with no brothers or sisters...i have ALL the lovin to myself...i live in a big city...they call it the apple...(?)...& i have free-fall, fire & terrorist training classes totally completed...A+...i'm a smarty pants too...PS...i think Mom is counting her noisy plume earrings for some special project or the other...i better go divert her attention to ME...Tee Hee!!!

  4. You are awfully handsome for a mature kitty and so svelt! You live in NYC, that's where my mom's cousin lives.

    Lucky you with all that hazard training, our mom is a puss!

    Our mom plays with her Jillian Jewels a lot too...we told her to buy us something or else...

    ; -)