Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Conferencing cat style Day 2, LOVING

Yes, believe it or not the boys are enjoying this reading/discussion of "Becoming your True Self" that we started yesterday, only today they are turning their backs to me. I am not going to analyze this now.

We discussed that becoming one's true self required the development of two unique capacities, that of KNOWING and the other of LOVING. According to the article we were studying all virtues can in fact be considered as expressions of different combinations of these basic capacities of loving and knowing as they are applied to different situations.

Developing the loving capacity requires that we not only love but allow to be loved otherwise we frustrate others struggling to develop their ability to love. In children, not accepting love may be perceived as rejection and cause untold amounts of damage.

The last sentence peaked Ollie's interest as noted by the ears.

Ollie immediately acts on this learning, which is a sign that he comprehends everything.

Elated that our cowboys are so mature I continue with a quote:

'Love Me that I may love thee. If thou lovest Me not My love can in no wise reach thee! (Hidden Words)

However, I think I must end this conference. The writing is on the wall: Augustus has tipped over.

I think we need to practice LOVING and BEING LOVED. Please do it discretely since most people are not familiar with this concept in its essence.

And as promised, marking our discussion of self-transformation, I am posting another beautiful butterfly, courtesy of Angell DiBilio.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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