Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This tuesday we wake up to...

a peeking parrot,

two investigating cats,

and a palm tree with eagerly efflorescing leaves!

Tuesday was named after the Norse god Tyr. The Romans named this day after their war-god Mars: dies Martis.
In French: mardi; Italian: martedi; Spanish: martes.
The Germans call Dienstag (meaning "Assembly Day"), in The Netherlands it is known as dinsdag, in Danmark as tirsdag and in Sweden tisdag.

Tuesday, in our times, is adorned with the divine attribute of GRACE and so we can meditate today on the following passage selected by our most special Augustus cat.

'Thine eye is My trust, suffer not the dust of vain desires to becloud its luster. Thine ear is a sign of My bounty, let not the tumult of unseemly motives turn it away from My Word that encompasseth all creation. Thine heart is My treasury, allow not the treacherous hand of self to rob thee of the pearls which I have treasured therein. Thine hand is a symbol of My loving-kindness, hinder it not from holding fast unto My guarded and hidden Tablets.... Unasked, I have showered upon thee My grace. Unpetitioned, I have fulfilled thy wish. In spite of thy undeserving, I have singled thee out for My richest, My incalculable favors.... O My servants! Be as resigned and submissive as the earth, that from the soil of your being there may blossom the fragrant, the holy and multicolored hyacinths of My knowledge. Be ablaze as the fire, that ye may burn away the veils of heedlessness ...' (Gleanings pp 322-323)



  1. That last palm tree picture is fantastic. Love the perspective.

    Hope your Tuesday is filled with grace.

  2. Thank you dear LBR...tell me, what is the word for a leaf that looks like it is stretching its fingers. I could not think of it.
    I hope your day is filled with grace too.


  3. I like * extended palm* or *eager effloresce* or *friendly frond*.;-)

  4. What a beautiful palm to wake up to! Have a fabulous evening and thanks for your kind words!