Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Simple pleasures...

You must have noticed that many of the recent blogs have lacked meaningful comments. I blame the sassy cowboys, Augustus and Ollie. They try their best to distract me.
Boys, I am up to your sneaky games. I have only been too busy.
Meanwhile please do enjoy a few pictures of this morning's excursion down the street with my two dawn breakers. (will tell you about the real dawn breakers only if someone someday asks)

Walking down the street mixed with occasional wrestling and discussions. These boys make efficient use of their outdoor walks.

And what do we have here: a squirrel asking for trouble.

Augs who is in the 'you mess with me you will be sorry mood' is quick to react, and is satisfied to chase away the little squirt (he does not really like squirrel meat)

Ollie the rebel with red pants is impressed but does not want to let Augustus know about his inner feelings.

Mixed with feelings of admiration for Augustus, Ollie also prays that the pesky squirrel returns so that he could show him a thing or two. Ollie actually does not mind taking a little bite out just to sample this specimen. "It can be tasty", he mumbled to himself.

A simple pleasurable cat morning will be followed by eating num nums at home + games + naps until mummy returns. And mummy has also left the radio on so we can listen to soothing music.

Ciao and happy Monday!


  1. All of your blog posts are delightful. I love the dialogue, the cat antics (not sure I used that word correctly... how about cat capers?) and the lighthearted play. Always makes my day. Your stories are original and creative and just plain fun. Merci buckets :-)

  2. Hello Kristin,
    Thank you for giving me confidence. The truth is that they really do talk a lot, I am not kidding. It is constant conversations with them but I am mostly clueless. I keep telling them like people!


  3. Will your cats give tee climbing lessons? Sooo cute!!!

    Lily met a cat yesterday and she was very friendly and well behaved. I am so happy that she too is a cat lover.:-)

    Happy Wednesday to you!!

  4. I wish they would give me climbing lessons. I would love to find a climbing wall so I would not have to climb my office walls. Ha ha!
    I hope your flags are posted securely dear friend.
    Augs and Ollie send smooches to Lily.

  5. What camera do you use? Your shots of the cats are always so clear!

  6. alyosha19:

    Wow..thank you. I use an automatic digital Canon or Olympus, don't even know which because I am not really happy with it. It does not focus fast enough for rapid motions even in the motion setting. The auto setting is the worst. I got mine quite a few years ago when digital cameras first came out. I think you can get much nicer ones today. Still if you like I can look up mine. I will remember to include the model in my blog next time.

    : )