Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Those spiritual principles...

Photo courtesy of Angel Di Bilio, friend and colleague at Caltech

“O My Servant! Obey Me and I shall make thee like unto Myself.
I say ‘Be,’ and it is, and thou shalt say ‘Be,’ and it shall be.”
(Seven Valleys and Four Valleys)

We obey physical laws such as gravity, so must we obey spiritual laws, such as love.


PS-Augustus and Ollie send little cat kisses but no photos. They were complaining about Paparazzi chasing them around!


  1. tell those boys their dad is coming home to see them!

  2. Oh, the boys are going to be thrilled. They say mummy kisses us too much. Yuck!

  3. "A" (amen!) for "Amour"! ...and bisous right back to Ollie & Augustus (not always easy to be *so* loved by the paparazzi).