Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Starting a Busy Day...

Starting off an early morning with taking of sweetheart to LAX for his trip overseas. Cat boys much prefer that he would stay here or that he would take them along. However, some good news today for the boys was Braise returning home to Kristin and family. You may read about it here.

Ollie and August rejoice at the news.

Upon return from LAX, not even 6 a.m., it was time to go out with the cowboys and check the neighborhood. We see an interesting tree bearing many cat fruits,such as this loud yet eye-appealing Blue Jay

and the other on the adjacent tree (actually a whole flock of them).

Situation is demanding an investigation,

and close examination,

but not interesting enough. The cowboys are very much annoyed by the squawking, put their paws over their ears and decide to walk away. I suppose not every pretty blue bird can carry a tune.

So here we are and it is the end of Today's excursions, at least this morning's. I better post this quickly because boys are meowing and this cat mummy has to go to work. I really think that tomorrow we will discuss how we can put our loving and knowing faculties into work (remember the discussion from last week) and into helping us become our true selves.

Love and affection...Ciao!


  1. I LOVE California Scrub Jays. In Chicago we had the fancy Blue Jays but they aren't as cool as old school Scrub Jays.

  2. LBR, you know about everything. i am truly ashamed of myself for not knowing detailed information on the fauna and flora (sounds funny). These dudettes are truly vicious though gorgeous. They attack my boys like in the Hitchcock movie. Ollie the rebel tries to take them on but not for very long.

    So these are not called Blue Jays?

  3. Blue jay snobs, of which I am not one, will correct you if you call them Blue Jays. I often do call them Blue Jays. But, they are really called Scrub Jays. It makes them sound a little low rent. Doesn't it?;-)
    p.s. What I don't know could fill an unabridged encyclopedia!;-)

  4. I will tell Ollie and August...they ought to know too. Scrub jays sounds okay too. Maybe amongst themselves there is a hierarchy, the blues don't marry the scrubs. : )

  5. ...and my PuCat would love a blue scrub plume nestled between his teeth...

    speaking of plumes...

    no, i missed today's Etsy garden soul necklace for me...

    this time...but
    one glorious WILL be mine!!!

  6. Nancy, You and me both. I may have to take a second job though.
    That was one luscious necklace today. : )