Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sending her Roses!

Here's one chic cat: Augustus the Precious,

and here's another chic cat: Ollie the Enigma.

They have asked me to send Roses to The Noisy Plume.

'To whom I asked', utterly surprised.
They said, 'To the Noisy Plume mummy, she has a show today'.
OMG, how sharp are these boys, YES, YES.

Sending her Roses and Wishing her the best today at the Missoula Made Fair, this young silversmith and wordsmith, poetess and naturalist, coming from the Golden Plains of Canada now resides in Pocatello, Idaho. She knows what every gal desires deep in her heart, and she knows how to adorn her each day of the week. I will only present a sampling per request of my furry talent guides, Ollie and Augustus; but you go check her out at '' and give her your greetings and love. (Actually you have to do that tomorrow when she is back.)

Make sure to wear this ring if you have to caress a jaguar, they prefer it that way.

You could also go with this one that seems to have a soothing effect.

For a lion, I recommend this one,

and you could also go with this Minxy ring. It tells him who is in control, even if only temporarily.

This one you wear when you know you are going to find the 4-leaf shamrock even if you quit before finding it, you know it is there.

Fashion advisors recommend this for days when I feel just right.

They suggest the brushed buttons for when I have a steel resolve. The little jades for when I have to be in control with little yet noticeable adornment.

And they give me these for when I have to be semi-sassy and on my toes.

Fashion advisors select from this plate and adorn me before going to office:

I don't think too many people have such incredible talent advisors but feel free to send me your questions and they will suggest the proper adornment.

Now that you have checked her blog, The Noisy Plume, you know that Miss Jillian Lukiwski is the one behind all of this. One word of advice though- you must have fast fingers to buy her creations because they go fast. Still, all the effort is 100% worth it because in the process you will love this lady who is so full of love and surprises.

Sending you our love on this Sunday June 14th, 2009 while you are in Missoula, MONTANA.



  1. Ahhhh! You have connected with some mighty fine jewelry, lovely lovely indeed!

    Big smile, beautiful cats, and caring post!

    Glad to find you via nancy and the noisy plume:}

  2. I love this party of bloggers!! It's fantastic! Your cats are so handsome, especially when juxtaposed with your mighty ring collection. I see you have snagged up a quite a few pretties there. I clapped when I saw your steady slide of autumn ring. How is it to wear? Because I've been lusting after that ring since last year.

    Anyway...lovely PumePost :) I can't wait to hear her reaction to all of this, and even more, about her success today!!

    Enjoy your Sunday. Thanks for sharing your PlumeLove :)

  3. Hey Pretty Marina:

    I especially love the steady slide of autumn ring, and could not even remember the name. The ring only wears on one finger, the left index, so you know it has a lot of personality. And at all moments the wearer knows that she is special for wearing it, and everyone who sees it has to look at it. Mighty powerful.
    Yes, you noticed where my paychecks go. I need therapy.

    And finally I too hope she had a delightful Missoula Sunday. : )

  4. Oh me Oh my...what a bevy of plume beauties you have MrsLittleJeans, mon amie...

    your lovely tribute makes me SMILESMILESMILE :)

    it has been so fun to click into all of your blogs...round robin see what's happening on this special day of tribute...& i'm sooOOoo impressed with YOU, Michaela Dawn, Marina H, Jenn, elliott & Elaine for coming out to play...

    THANK YOU for sharing your warms my heart!

  5. OH GOSH!

    The only thing that could have made Missoula better is if you had been there lion tamer:)

    I'm just home from MT now and am about to fall into bed but HAD to tae a moment to say thanks and...well...I just really love you.


  6. I had a kitty who loved diamonds. He would nibble on my engagement ring. Your gorgeous cats are better behaved!

  7. Shiny diamonds...I think that would entice any cat, even my little dudes.
    Maybe your cat was a girl?