Monday, June 15, 2009

A Peaceful Sunday...wrapped up!

Minutes after their afternoon nap, the boys finally mosey on to the front gate.

Street shots of the Jacarandas that are going berserk. Flowering like there is no tomorrow!

I hope this is not a sign of getting old but I had a lazy Sunday, so happy it was so, and missed it when it was gone.

Earlier, a just-woken-up Ollie, out of the bed who is now fallen on the floor, "It's too hard to wake up', he meowed.

The freshly-woken-up Ollie now moved out to the courtyard where August is looking at him calmly.

A 'just-woken-up' August looking at Ollie. "What's with the ears?", he is thinking.

August, earlier in the day, thinking about those pesky squirrels calmly,

and Ollie earlier, the naughtiness pictures not shown here.

The biggest event this Sunday was the Lakers winning the Basketball Championship, nothing in this lazy household, and though I spent a good bit of time with the boys on their excursions, my main accomplishment was perhaps only catching up on sleep. I know that this sounds pitiful. I did make time to mention a lovely lady silversmith on my blog and the boys sent her flowers on her show at the Missoula Made Fair, yes Miss Plume of TheNoisyPlume. And I also found a great link to the talk by Steve Chu, the one given at the Caltech commencement that I think we should all read. Aside from that, it was a slow Sunday, and I am most thankful about that.

We will catch up with more meaningful stuff soon.

XOXOXO from us here to you!


  1. I love it when you share your Jacarandas. I feel more peaceful just looking at your pictures.
    Happy Monday, lovely lady!

  2. Unusual calm for a busy street on Sunday afternoon. I may have to thank the Lakers for that. I am glad you like them.
    Happy Monday right back to you.


  3. Beautiful jacarandas - reminds me of Australia at Christmas time, xv.

  4. The jacarandas are for you and Miss LBR. The vegetation in Southern CA is very similar to Australia though still not as incredible, I think.