Thursday, June 4, 2009

Practice makes perfect...

Off we go, just Ollie and I. No Augustus in sight this early morning.

Ollie has been wanting to practice tree climbing/hunting after yesterday's squirrel chase. He is doing the patient waiting...not a breath!

Up the tree. Not bad at all! Of course I knew he could do it. He just wanted to make sure that I knew. I ooh and aah to encourage him.

Oops...what do you know? We see a bird on the adjacent tree observing these exercises. "In my belly, little birdie!", mumbles Ollie.

Silently, he approaches the other tree. I can see his little fluffy cat thighs are going back and forth in preparation for his climb. But no luck this time. Away flies the bird.

This does not bother Ollie at all. He takes his work seriously but also quite enjoyably. Earlier he told me that this was his calling, and this reminds me of this story that I read in the book Tulipomania. I think it relates to this idea of really loving what you do in life.

Before I go to the story I wanted you to know that during all this or at least some of this, Augustus was present. He was quietly sitting and observing. Bless his little cat heart, he always lets Ollie have his moment. He knows that Ollie is trying and he does not judge at all because he wants to make sure that Ollie develops to his full potential. I can only sigh with joy!

Well, here is the story from pages 9 and 10 of Tulipomania

"... a famous dervish holy man was preaching one day, one of those who had come to hear him speak passed him a note. It enquired whether any Muslim could be certain he would go to paradise when he died. After Hasan (the dervish holy man) had finished his sermon, he asked if there were any gardeners present. When one member of the congregation stood up, Hasan pointed to him and said: "This man will go to heaven."
Immediately the dervish was surrounded by a press of people demanding to know what the gardener had done to be certain of a place in paradise. But Sheikh Hasan explained that he was merely quoting from the hadiths-the oral traditions of the prophet Muhammad-which state that people will do in afterlife what they most enjoy doing on earth. Because all flowers belong to heaven, gardeners will surely go to paradise to continue their work."

This story got me thinking of what I like to do, and whatever it is, I better perfect it. I can tell that Ollie and Augustus already know about this, hence why they like to spend many hours outdoors practicing and perfecting. Just gotta love them!

And a happy Thursday to all.


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