Thursday, June 11, 2009

No conferences today...

because doodle cats have business to take care of this morning.

However, let me continue with the story of LOVE, only briefly. Love is not just that undescribable feeling between parents and children, between lovers, animals and their little ones. It is creative energy. It is that which holds atoms together and makes molecules dance.

In 2005, one Caltech scientist was acknowledged with two others, an American and a Frenchman, for discovering one way in which molecules dance: it is called the change-your-partner dance. You can read about this here. And I believe that this dance, as well as many others, are made possible only by this bizarre energy or force known as LOVE.

Here's the pictorial presentation of the dance which was once enacted with people but I can no longer find the film for you.

"Love is the cause of the manifestation of truth in the phenomenal world".

And for me, there is Love in this face,

and in this:

Signing off with heaps of LOVE!

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