Monday, July 6, 2009

Changing a point of view is not simple...

I am striving to rethink my Mondays. It is absolutely unacceptable for me to wake up to a Monday and then think, OOOHHHH, sigh! I discussed this with Augustus who does not share the same problem. In fact neither does Ollie. The doodle cats like to experience each day on its own terms and to the best of their abilities, regardless of its name, or its place in the week. They focus on the attribute of the day, and if you recall, Monday's attribute is perfection. Anyhow, August selected a reading for me to read and reflect upon. I will share that with you at the end of today's blog.

As you see, this early Monday morning a bird, striving for perfection, is practicing singing at the top most point of a tree. Augustus and Ollie examine two sides of a wall in perfect unision, and Augustus takes perfect little steps so as to not disturb anyone. I think I have seen enough examples to be able to pin my Monday on the divine attribute of Perfection.

And now the reading:
Know that the conditions of existence are limited to the conditions of servitude, of prophethood, and of Deity, but the divine and the contingent perfections are unlimited. When you reflect deeply, you discover that also outwardly the perfections of existence are also unlimited, for you cannot find a being so perfect that you cannot imagine a superior one. For example, you cannot see a ruby in the mineral kingdom, a rose in the vegetable kingdom, or a nightingale in the animal kingdom, without imagining that there might be better specimens. As the divine bounties are endless, so human perfections are endless. If it were possible to reach a limit of perfection, then one of the realities of the beings might reach the condition of being independent of God, and the contingent might attain to the condition of the absolute. But for every being there is a point which it cannot overpass; that is to say, he who is in the condition of servitude, however far he may progress in gaining limitless perfections, will never reach the condition of Deity. It is the same with the other beings: a mineral, however far it may progress in the mineral kingdom, cannot gain the vegetable power; also in a flower, however far it may progress in the vegetable kingdom, no power of the senses will appear. So this silver mineral cannot gain hearing or sight; it can only improve in its own condition, and become a perfect mineral, but it cannot acquire the power of growth, or the power of sensation, or attain to life; it can only progress in its own condition.

I cannot really focus on the reading now because I am so overwhelmed by August's intellectual abilities, how does this cat understand such complex readings? This is blowing me away but I am going to read and ponder, I must.

Wishing all a perfect Monday!



  1. ...your wish to me came true...

    i had a perfect Monday...

    ..................thank you..............

  2. That's one intellectual cat you've got there....

  3. Nancy, I could not be more pleased! : )
    And Anne, you are not kidding! This doodle has me baffled, I feel proud and ignorant at the same time!

  4. I like Mondays, as after a weekend filled with others and activities, I finally have a day to myself. However yesterday was a busy and active day. That means today is my Monday,

    Love the early bird singing. Very cute shot. And, Augustus never fails to impress.

  5. LBR, that is a good way of looking at Mondays. I just don't like the constant state of running and feeling that i am behind.

    xoxo and special kisses from Augustus!