Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday of Felicity?

Yesterday Ollie Bird received a letter.  I did not know he had friends though I suspected something when I found him ordering himself notecards from this gorgeous lady on Etsy, Annechovie.  Anyhow, here we are with a cup of tea and cookies, reading.

I think he may need glasses because he has to get very close to the paper or maybe the letters are too small for him, I wonder.

He hops onto the patio wall, I presume to ponder on the letter,

or perhaps to survey the area, 

and he does that so regally!

And now a few moments of contemplation.

August and I go for a stroll that takes us by his breezy palm.  He gives a little meow indicating that I should take a picture, and I do.

He likes to position himself on the narrow patio wall of a neighbor and just relax, look, analyze....

Ollie joins us. He has a determined look on his face.

A bold squirrel joins us and decides to challenge the boys who are many times his size and many many more times his intelligence.

Augustus goes up to the tree and warns him

while Ollie simply stares.

And there goes the squirrel not leaving any impression on Ollie.  He knows they return.  He knows all too well.
So goes our Thursday sundown as we start edging our way into Friday, and Ollie asks that I share with you a poem sent by his friend (I don't know this friend).

FROM out the street of So-and-So,
Oh wind, bring perfumes sweet to me
For I am sick and pale with woe;
Oh bring me rest from misery!
The dust that lies before her door,
Love's long desired elixir, pour
Upon this wasted heart of mine--
Bring me a promise and a sign!
Between the ambush of mine eyes
And my heart's fort there's enmity--
Her eye-brow's bow, the dart that flies,
Beneath her lashes, bring to me!
Sorrow and absence, glances cold,
Before my time have made me old;
A wine-cup from the hand of Youth
Bring me for pity and for ruth!
Then shall all unbelievers taste
A draught or two of that same wine;
But if they like it not, oh haste!
And let joy's flowing cup be mine.
Cup-bearer, seize to-day, nor wait
Until to-morrow!--or from Fate
Some passport to felicity,
Some written surety bring to me!
My heart threw back the veil of woe,
Consoled by Hafiz melody:
From out the street of So-and-So,
Oh wind, bring perfumes sweet to me!
(poem by Hafiz)

Happy Friday to all with cat smooches throughout...



  1. Aw, how sweet of you! Please tell Ollie I mailed him his cards yesterday. Have a wonderful wknd, Mona!

  2. Thank you Anne, you too. He will be doing a lot of writing, I know for sure.


  3. ...oh those lions & those tigers, with their secret admirers...

  4. I need to ask! How many cats do you actually have? I thought i was the most "overly-catted" (word?) person!

  5. I actually only have two cats but my days and nights are ruled by them... : )
    I think you are ahead of me.