Thursday, July 2, 2009

Examining from all angles...

Augustus studies a bug caught under the edge of the clay pot.

Focused yet detached...(and please, check that gorgeous tail)

Closer inspection...

Taking a momentary break, licking his paw...

Analysis from another perspective...

Maintaining a posture of relaxed reflection...

A second opinion is always a good idea!

Little Ollie asks, "Where is my bug?" (Can you resist that face? I can't!)

And all this reminds me of a quote, to read and ponder this Thursday July 2nd, 2009:

'...For ever and ever will He, with all that invisible grace, and those bestowals of the spirit, lead the seeker onward, and guide the yearning, and ravish the hearts of the lovers. ...'

May all seekers be led onward, with detachment and a good posture of learning!



  1. They really are gorgeous and I have to say that as it is the anniversary week of the loss of both of my kitties that it is so nice to come and visit yours.
    Hope your day is filled with kitty love.xo

  2. Oh, LBR, I am so sorry to hear about that. The first time I gave up my kittie to in-laws because we could not have a cat in our apartment I cried for days. I know it was childish but I love the little doodle so much. My kitties love you and will give you many hugs if you ever visit them. I love the new picture, you have gorgeous hair.


  3. ...i think you need a THIRD opinion...i'm coming over to inspect this...

    bug~a~boo...but first a nap...