Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Pace of Grace...

I am always amazed at our cats' innate knowledge. Say I'd be thinking of something, and immediately they communicate with some graceful cat gesture or meaningful meow. For instance, yesterday, upon return from work, I asked Ollie to help me with some chores. You know, a busy Monday, work at office, work at home, etc., etc, and I thought this doodle needs to contribute.
The pictures will surely tell the story but the short of it is that Ollie did not hesitate or argue. He ran to work, watered a few plants and maybe mostly the courtyard (his aim not being very good), and then, he plopped down for rest. Being very tired myself, this reminded me of the book 'A Pace of Grace' by Linda Kavelin Popov where she discusses how one must learn the pace of grace in order to achieve a sustainable life of contentment. Though not easy to do all the time, I admit that the book is filled with good suggestions, and of course her suggestions come from her very own life experiences.
Here are the pictures now.

An eager Ollie running to fetch the hose.

Watering completed, he is resting.

A pace of grace...

A graceful Tuesday to all..

P.S. Incidentally, grace is the divine attribute of Tuesday.

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