Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A quiet Wednesday outside the domain of time ...

Sometimes it is not so easy to wake up, even for the ever anxious-to-get-out cat boys.  It must be the overcast skies. 

'I suppose I have to wake up, not going to miss this opportunity', thinks Augustus.

"Something is requiring my attention?  What could it be?"

And here comes the partner in naughtiness, Ollie Bird.

A fluffy tail and a svelte tail.  Inertia overcome, August is going to venture out. Ollie has to find his own distraction.  Independence!

A quiet morning, and mommy could not be more pleased.  Even the birds had misjudged the time of day.  We strolled, examined, jumped up and down, had treats, and meditated on the meaning of time.  So we read a long passage an excerpt of which Augustus selected for the blog.

"...In the world of God there is no past, no future and no present; all are one. So when Christ said, “In the beginning was the Word” —that means it was, is and shall be; for in the world of God there is no time. Time has sway over creatures but not over God. For example, in the prayer He says, “Hallowed be Thy name”; the meaning is that Thy name was, is and shall be hallowed.  Morning, noon and evening are related to this earth, but in the sun there is neither morning, noon nor evening." (Some Answered Questions pp154-156_

Off to work and wishing all a peaceful Wednesday sprinkled with occasional cat kisses!



  1. I have chanced upon another "cat lady'! Cats find me where ever I go- I have an indoor an outdoor and one that came with the house and has sat on my ledge for 9 years! I now have aquired an overgrown obnoxious kitten who tortures allthe others.I think I am a bit obsessed!

  2. what a pleasant surprise..I am always checking your jewelry, and I love Israel...what a beautiful country! Yes, cats do send notes to each other behind their owners' backs, they are sneaky. : ) I would have more but we would get evicted if we did, our cats already rule the neighborhood.

    Stop by and say hello when you are not busy!


  3. uuuuuh, boys cannot resist pretty girls...seriously!

  4. You must be chasing them with your camera all day! What gorgeous palm trees you have there!

  5. I am chasing them like the paparazzi : ), and we do have very beautiful palm here, I agree.